March 3, 2017 Adam

Dev Blog 72 – It’s the Final Countdown

Well friends, we’re just about at the finish line at long last. Less than one week before you’ll be able to jump in and experience survival in Eden yourselves!

As usual we’ve been hard at work, well, even more so than usual in fact! Taking a peak at our bug tracker, I see 162 issues fixed this week, ranging from tons of environmental glitches, missing collision meshes, to all manner of bugs fixes, improvements, and last minute audio integration. We’ll be in throughout the weekend and pulling some insane hours even the next week to hopefully get another 162 things fixed before launch next week!

This post will be a tad brief, in the interest of time before launch. Next week we’ll have a pretty lengthy post, detailing the overall status of the game, our projected roadmap for the coming months, as well as some guidelines for things like bug reporting and feedback, to make sure that we’re getting all the important info we need from you guys throughout the Early Access process!

Time to get back to work. Let’s count down together… 6 more days!


About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.