February 17, 2017 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 70 – Major News Soon (very soon!)

Welcome back PAMELA fans!

It’s that time again, the weekly Dev Blog is here and there’s been a ton of important progress behind the scenes at NVYVE Studios. Another round of testing has been done, fixes were implemented, gameplay tweaked and balanced and overall PAMELA is now a shinier and smoother game than ever before! Oh, and read on further to see just a tiny bit of news….

Firstly, we want to thank all of you for the interest you have shown in PAMELA, for tuning in every week, contributing to our blossoming community and most definitely, for your patience. We know you guys have been eagerly awaiting any news, details or new media from us and especially a release date for the game. And the good news is that we will be both releasing a new trailer and further details of the release date very, very soon! It’s been a long wait for us too and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working so hard on. Trust us when we say we wish we could have released the game already, and you could be playing instead of reading this update! Almost there…

We made excellent progress once again this week with some major loading and performance tweaks, audio levels were balanced, geometry fixed, menus waxed and polished, inventories inspected and secured, gameplay was given some very welcome tweaking and the AI was given a stern talking to. Just as importantly though is that Patrick and Mat have been furiously play testing, even more so than usual in fact. And now that all the systems are in we’ve been making a lot of changes to the gameplay to try to strike the balance we want. It’s been a lot of fun playing, and even though there is still plenty of features we want to spit and shine for you guys the finish line is in view…

In further news, our very own Christian has now become a first time father so congrats to him and his partner Hilary from everyone here at NVYVE Studios 🙂

Well that’s it PAMELA fans, another week of solid progress and one week closer to release. As I said above be sure to keep checking back for some important news and a new trailer very soon! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you all in the next weekly Dev Blog 🙂



  • Experimenting with level loading tweaks
  • Gameplay balancing tweaks
  • Tons and tons of miscellaneous bug fixing and performance tweaks


  • Finished new trailer
  • Worked on some new marketing material for use in the near-future


  • Had a baby!


  • Another round of gameplay testing
  • Level geometry checks and fixes


  • Audio balancing- ambient and footstep sounds
  • More bugs
  • Researching performance techniques


  • Gameplay testing and bug recording
  • Geometry checks and fixes
  • Re-made some of his “nanite” assets


  • Did first pass one speeding up respawn- a considerable improvement I might add
  • Currently working on reducing initial load-times


  • Bug fixing once again, we should start calling him the exterminator
  • Started even more optimisation

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