February 10, 2017 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 69 – Testify!

Hello and welcome once again to the PAMELA weekly dev blog!

Another week has gone by, we’re all a little older, hopefully wiser and PAMELA is just that much more polished and ready to hit the virtual shelves! As we’ve all been getting absolutely stuck-in to game testing, some major issues have been resolved, other major issues have been found and await annihilation and the game is in general even smoother and more enjoyable than just a week ago! Yay us 🙂

Trailer recording is now in full swing and looking cool too. Christian created a bunch of tools to help with the capture process and it’s almost completely planned from the sounds of it, with only a few minor details that are being left to tweak until other shots are done first. Some new looking areas of Eden are more fully fleshed out and make an interesting change from the rest of the game-world and items now have fuller descriptions and more balanced rarity values. Performance also has once again been increased moderately-honestly I’m not sure how they’re able to keep squeezing more and more out of this game! More sounds have been implemented and balanced accordingly and we have even been testing out a new audio standard.

Well that’s it for this week. Great progress on the whole and a ton of valuable testing. We can’t wait to have you guys play and until next time thank you for tuning in to the weekly PAMELA Dev Blog!


  • Play testing-a-plenty
  • Finding and dealing with a ton of bugs
  • Experimenting with loading and performance optimizations


  • Input item descriptions and rarities
  • Worked on trailer- started doing full video capture


  • Further bug fixing and polishing on all NPC’s
  • Created scripts for trailer setup and recording
  • Plenty of important bug fixing. Nav mesh this, AI that…. you know the drill


  • Plenty of gameplay testing
  • Eden Geometry QA
  • Finished 2nd set of Eden’s “sails”


  • Continued to implement sounds
  • Testing out new sound implementation or something fancy like that


  • Finished placing “nanite” structures around Eden
  • Geometry fixes
  • Gameplay testing


  • Improved inventory behavior- clicky, draggy stuff
  • Unlocked a bunch of attachment cases and containers
  • Started streamlining the respawn system for quicker load times
  • An obligatory amount of bug fixing


  • Bug fixing
    • PAMELA ability menu
    • Fixed issue where certain items could not be clicked on in their container menu
    • Fixed inventory opening/closing bug
    • Fixed an issue where player stats were wiped on respawn

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