February 3, 2017 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 68 – All’s quiet on the western front

Well, well, well. Great to see you all back once more dear readers!

An eerie quiet has descended on the office as the majority of the staff here at NVYVE Studios are furiously concentrated on polishing this game so hard you can see your expectant faces in it! Another bunch of great performance enhancements have been made, a swathe of bug fixes have been implemented from various team members into the main project, more areas of Eden will now spawn appropriate items, combat got tweaked, NPC’s are more polished, Eden itself is better looking as a whole, the audio levels were given a sweep, new audio effects have been imported and a series of “Nanite” growths were made and are now being imported into Eden. Whew!

Also, as our new trailer is now fully planned, it is being worked on as I sit here and write this! Exciting stuff! I’m sure you all can’t wait to see it and we can’t wait to show it to you either. So there goes another week of awesome progress, thank you for tuning in once again and we look forward to seeing you all in the next weekly dev blog!



  • Finished adding item spawn points to Garrison district
  • Testing and identifying critical bugs
  • More super important performance enhancements
  • Continuously integrating latest bug fixes from the rest of the team
  • Imported fixed gemoetry into main Eden scene


  • Planned and started work on the trailer
  • Made some more icons for various items


  • Imported the final animations for the Widow and Seeker characters
  • Combat tweaking and balancing
  • NPC fixes and improvements
  • Wrote some scripts needed for upcoming trailer


  • Remodelled Eden’s “sails”
  • Made a bunch of mannequins. Spooky
  • Did a superfluous amount of geometry fixes


  • Working on levelling audio
  • Implementing new sound effects in-engine
  • Cleaned up some third party plugins
  • Remade IVG effects
  • Critical bug hunting


  • Eden polish/geometry fixes
  • Developed a series of “nanite” growth models and textures


  • Loot and item themed bug hunting
  • James is super understated about what he has done. Its a lot of bugs…


  • Fixed status menu functionality
  • Bug hunting, bug hunting, bug hunting, hurrah!

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