January 27, 2017 Adam

Dev Blog 67 – The only good Bug is a dead Bug

It’s that time again – welcome back for our 67th development update!

This week has been a mad flurry of testing, bug fixing, polishing, and optimization. The features that will be in EA have been 99% locked down at this point, and the goal now is to make sure that everything is solid for launch. NPCs specifically have received a ton of love this week; a few highlights are improved visual randomization, animation randomization, and copious amounts of overall polish.

We made some solid progress onthe optimization front as well; Ian went through a ton of particle systems throughout the game and remade them to improve rendering performance, and Christian improved our back-end zone system which turns off objects when they’re not needed.

The last highlight for this week is that Alayna has started work on our next trailer! We’ve been holding off on putting this together for awhile, so we could focus purely on development. This means that there’s a ton of new stuff to share (which you already know if you’re reading the blog each week!), and we’re looking forward to putting it up… when it’s ready! Stay tuned.


  • Updated Item spawn lists to ensure all new items are spawning appropriately in game
  • Extensive testing, identifying and tracking down bugs
  • Fixed various bugs in main scene


  • Continued work on writing datalog content
  • Planned out new trailer
  • Began work on collecting footage for new trailer


  • Tweaked scene loading system to improve load times
  • Improved custom zone culling system for significant performance improvements
  • Fixed various NPC bugs
  • Converted all NPCs to use smoother “blend tree” movement system
  • Added slow and fast combat movement sets to all NPCs
  • Restructured NPC animators to improve the responsiveness of combat
  • Tweaked Stage 2 Afflicted to have much more sedentary behavior, as well as more variation in their idle animations
  • Added footstep sounds to all NPCs
  • Added NPC animation randomization system
  • Fixed bug with subtitles


  • Enhanced detail in certain areas of the environment
  • Finished Recylcer and Rehydrator models
  • Modelled specialized colliders for all stairs in world
  • Tracking down modelling errors througout the world
  • Fixing these errors!


  • Remade a huge amount of particle effects in order to improve performance
  • Various bug fixes


  • Enhanced detail in certain areas of the environment
  • Continued work on props for new area to be added after EA launch


  • Properly integrated full map system; all areas of the environment are now included in the player’s minimap!
  • Improved stability of all doors
  • Improved broken bone/bleeding status effects, as well as implemented proper UI indicators
  • Many, many more miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Huge amounts of bug fixing on:
    • Datapad menu
    • Status menu
    • Kiosk menu
    • Options menu
    • Building Interaction menu

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About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.