January 13, 2017 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 65 – The Bug Hunt

Greetings once again dear readers, and welcome back to the weekly dev blog! The bug hunt continues and intensifies this week with tons of new fixes and some truly impressive optimisation. So far we’re all still alive, with only a few minor injuries (mostly to computer hardware) but the hunt has only just begun… well not really but that sounds more dramatic than “ongoing bug fixing is progressing as expected”.

As with last week the team has further transitioned into testing and bug fixing mode, making great sweeping strides as they go. The worst performance offenders are now being dealt with head on, so the game will run smoother across the board.

In other areas, Adam is adding a lot of the finishing touches to Eden- dirtying it up and making it look “lived in” with some debris and clutter and adding the power management props to give the player more control over the environment.

In terms of narrative, a metric tonne of dialogue was recorded, cleaned and edited and the extremely important subtitles were also created. The tutorial has also been given a shot of personality with some well written dialogue.

One of the last big features to be added is the world map and great progress was made on it this week. The process consists of creating a simplified version of Eden’s geometry and organising it carefully into various floors and groups so it can be turned into a functional and really cool looking 3D map for the player to navigate through. Well we don’t want you getting lost now do we…

So there you have it loyal readers, more important progress in the form of content and optimisation. Everything is shaping up nicely and incase you’ve forgotten we’re one week closer to release! Exciting times, I’m sure you’ll agree. So have a great weekend and check below for a full list of what was achieved since the last blog. See you all again next week!


  • Started dirt pass on promenade props-debris, clutter etc
  • Added power control props to all districts
  • Wrote tutorial dialogue
  • Fixed a bug with power station UI
  • Extensive performance testing and identifying optimisations


  • Made more inventory icons
  • Recorded 230 lines of dialogue, then cleaned and put effects on said dialogue
  • Wrote subtitles for this dialogue
  • Made various effects


  • Dramatically fixed, improved and polished all aspects of the AI. Thank you Christian for now making the NPC’s super creepy


  • Started modelling the map geometry
  • Started creating another couple of promenade props in spare time


  • Finalised more weapon effects
  • Bug blasting!
  • Optimising biggest performance issues


  • Also started modelling the map geometry, which is going much, much quicker than originally thought 🙂
  • Destroyed a computer


  • Bug hunting and anihilation
  • Streamlined how some fancy stuff is done in code


  • Implemented beacons, traps and solar charging items into the game- woohoo, more building options!

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