January 6, 2017 Adam

Dev Blog 64 – Hello, 2017!

Welcome back to the ol’ weekly blog, for our first post of 2017! From the whole team at NVYVE Studios, we hope you guys all had some great time off with friends and family over the last few weeks. We were able to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation ourselves, and are excited to kick off a great New Year and get P.A.M.E.L.A. into your hands!

The team is now beginning to split into 2 modes – features, and bug-fixing. We’ve got a relatively small list of remaining features and content to implement before launch, which a few of us will be continuing on for a couple more weeks. Importantly though, we’re jumping several developers onto pure bug-fixing and polish mode starting now. Not so say we’ve ignored any and all bugs thus far; we’re just doubling down on this area at this point. We think there’s a great amount to experience in the game already, and want it to be as smooth as possible so as not to detract!

On that note, performance optimization is another area we’re doubling down on, for the same reason. These tasks don’t look super exciting compared with new a weapon (which Ian actually finished up this week!), but they’ll go a long way towards improving the feel and stability of the end product.

The last major note for this week is Alayna’s push into implementing some of the game’s non-linear narrative elements. Christian and Chris recently put together some excellent systems to allow for flexible narrative events and lore pickups, which will be used very soon to populate the world with the story of Pamela, and Eden’s downfall. We haven’t spoke much in the past about the narrative in detail so as not to spoil anything, but this element is actually quite a significant part of the experience alongside survival, combat, and character upgrading. We’ve been keeping an eye on comments on these posts and the forums, and these narrative elements should make a few of you quite happy.

As always, find the full list below. See you next week!


  • Implemented world improvement items into District manager systems
  • Integrated new batch of features and content into the main world
  • Performance testing and optimization work on main world scene


  • Wrote over a hundred lines of dialogue for Pamela
  • Planned out narrative workflows for the coming weeks and months


  • Finished creating and integrating Observer sentry bot NPCs
  • Bug fixing on the Observer NPC


  • Shoes. Finished up huge batch of shoe props, that is!


  • Created chargeable projectile effects for Javelin weapon
  • Created primary and alternate fire modes for the Javelin
  • Tweaking damage, projectile speed, and charge speed for Javelin
  • Implemented special NPC reactions when being hit by certain Javelin attacks


  • Finished polish on new monitor and keyboard props
  • Created facial blend shapes for all existing character models – these characters will now be able to display a wide range of emotions while in combat for improved believability


  • Finished integrating tutorial into player spawning loop
  • Began the great bug hunt of 2017


  • Created shield door build-able item; this item allows the player to pass through, but will block NPCs – great for escaping pursuit into your base!
  • Fixed some miscellaneous bugs on build-able items

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About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.