Dev Blog 62 – Snowed In

Day 4 stranded at the studio – Snowstorms have been raging for days; we are no longer able to see through the windows. We have radioed in for extraction, but thus far our calls have gone unanswered. Mathew and Patrick have scoured the office for books and assorted paper products to burn, which has kept a meager fire alight. Food supplies running low; all we have left at this point are a few Nutri-Grain bars and some pepper-flavored Triscuits… so salty. Fingers are almost to cold to continue development. If you get this message, stay safe friend… and send help…


But actually though, it’s been a snowy few days in the Great White North! Short of some insanely long commutes home, we’re all safe and sound. And not a single book burnt yet! As if we have many books around… can you burn hard drives and old sticks of RAM for warmth? Anyway I’d call that a successful week, all in all.

As the end of the year approaches, we’ve been pushing full force to end on a high note. This week, some great progress has been made on both adding some last features before launch and polishing/tweaking existing systems. From an environmental standpoint, Adam and Alayna have been pushing to wrap up the bulk of the “finishing pass” throughout, well, the entire world. This means hand-placing thousands of props throughout all of the existing districts, as well as making tweaks and fixes to Eden’s architecture where needed. We’re pretty excited for you all to be able to explore Eden for yourselves soon; there’s a ton to explore and discover, if you can survive that long, of course!

Christian has been adding a few new “friendly” robot characters which we’re all highly looking forward to. I say “friendly”, because that part is sort of up to how you play the game… I’ll leave that for you to find out soon enough! James added our first working suit of equip-able armor to the game, which thanks to our full-body-awareness system, you’re able to see appear on your body when equipped. Feels secure.

There’s been even more polish and touch-up work done on Ian and Chris’ side this week, as they’ve been improving some existing systems such as our Ammo Counters and Looting menus. These changes serve to improve the usability and fun of these various mechanics, which we’ll be doing even more of in January.

Anyways there’s still more, as always, so please do read below if you’re interested. Drive safe, to all our friends in the North! See you next week for our final Dev Blog of 2016.


  • Created custom entrance doors for Origin Station District
  • Fenced out a large quarantined area in Oasis Courtyard District
  • Added a new Medical Clinic area to most districts, which contain powerful medical bays that can be used to heal your wounds… for a cost
  • Completed “dirt pass” through Garrison Security District props; meaning furniture has been scattered, trash and lootable areas have been added, taking the world from a clean state to a post-disaster state


  • Upgraded effects on Warden’s Fist weapon
  • Placed props throughout new Medical Clinic areas that Adam added
  • Polished Oasis prop placement, and finished some previously unfinished areas within the courtyard
  • Worked on large quarantined area in Oasis Courtyard District
  • Polished Origin Station prop placement
  • Created new Container/Looting UI for more visual feedback when looting and storing items in the world
  • Created Recycler menu (gotta go green)
  • Created several new item icons


  • Rigged new custodial robot NPC
  • Set up animations on ” “
  • Set up AI systems for ” “
  • Created “look at system” for ” “
  • Rigged Medium Armor item for James to integrate
  • Started work on Observer, a security patrol bot that was hinted at in our Rebirth Trailer


  • Modeled a ton of clothing (shirts, pants, sweater…) and shoes to flesh out the promenade area further
  • Created his own fashion line – Eden Winter Fashions 2016
  • Created pick-up-able versions of Medium armor pieces


  • Implemented new Ammo Counters on all ranged weapons
  • Implemented color-based Ammo effect on all melee weapons
  • Implemented new Player hand animations for Utility attachments and Pamela ability uses
  • Various bug-fixing
  • Started work a several remaining Utility FX


  • Created large body-bag pile props
  • Created Observer model variants
  • Started dead hedge model


  • Finished up few remaining tasks on farming system
  • Added ability to loot dead NPCs
  • Implemented new Medium Security armor suit – you can find and equip a Helmet, Torso, and Leg Guards for improved survivabilty!


  • Finished first pass on tutorial system
  • Started to implement new Loot/Container/Recycling menu systems


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Dev Blog 61 – Wanton Destruction


Welcome back dear readers and have I got some cool updates for you! As per usual…

This week was a bit of a strange one in terms of progress as on the one hand we created some super lush looking and in-depth plant growing functionality courtesy of Mat and James, but then Ian shocked us all with a way to blow all that stuff up! I’m not sure what his problem is, as hydroponics is a hobby of his in real life. Maybe he’s just jealous of just how awesome looking our plants are 😉

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Dev Blog 60 – Hunnits and Hunnits

And another week has flown by at NVYVE Studios. A week closer to Christmas and a week closer to launch!

Some very exciting progress was made in the last few days, with a million tiny tweaks, tons of items placed, populated, packed and polished. Also, PAMELA has finally been implemented properly into the game, having been given a number of great facial animations and some nifty lip-synching. And some very interesting IVG functionality was added, now allowing you even more interaction with the world and in particular, your buildable items. Wow, looks like there’s going to be a world of stuff for you guys to do when the game comes out! Keep reading for more…

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Dev Blog 59 – Telling her Story

Phew, another week down. It’s been another productive one across the board, with a few specific highlights that are particularly exciting!

Christian made a huge chunk of progress, finishing the first iteration of Pamela’s narrative systems. This is a pretty massive, complex system that allows Pamela herself to appear throughout the world, as well as on the player’s AARM, to speak and share information about the world of Eden. She will react to your activities, such as explaining a new area when you first enter, or warning of critical health or imminent starvation. This system also incorporates the new subtitle system, as well as lip-syncing and facial emotions. We’ll be testing out Pamela’s new model and facial animations with this system soon, and can’t wait to see it all in motion!

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Dev Blog 58 – We built this city

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to our weekly Dev Blog!

Once again it has been a great week in terms of progress and also a very, very exciting one. First off, there has been even more content created, as per usual, and some welcome spit and polish but we’ve also started a big push towards tracking and getting rid of pesky bugs! Combined with some major optimisation and stabilisation, all of this has been done in order to push out a new build of the game for all of us to play!!!

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Dev Blog 57 – Dreams Do Come True!

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. It’s a good thing I have this Dev Blog handy here with me…

The dev team is coming up to an exciting couple of weeks here as some long-awaited features are starting to be created! Many of these features have been planned for well over a year, if not longer, so you can imagine how excited we are to see these dreams becoming a reality. The first of which are random and timed events that James has made some stellar progress on this week. So far you can expect to see riots break out, power outages that you’ll have to investigate, security lock-downs you’ll probably want to avoid and of course the constant depletion of things like food, drinks and energy from Eden as its inhabitants nibble away at its supplies. All put together, these events will help keep the game fresh, the world dynamic and the difficulty ever-increasing. And more events will be created next week, and further in the future as well! Read more

Dev Blog 56 – You Break it, you Fix it

Welcome back for another episode of the ol’ devblog! It’s been another busy week, with some pretty exciting new items and systems being integrated that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Let’s dive into it!

Christian has implemented some cool new combat mechanics; you can now be staggered by strong attacks, making our beefy enemies even more dangerous. Enemies can also now block your attacks, which combined with their ability to dodge and maneuver makes them pretty tough to get hits on; we think you’ll have a ton of fun learning their patterns and mastering the flow of combat. Another super exciting feature Christian is starting on is adding the ability for enemies to attack your base, meaning that you’ll need to install defenses and traps to keep yourself safe behind your walls. If your walls are destroyed, they’ll have to be repaired before they function again.

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Dev Blog 55 – It’s good to have Options

Dev blog, go!

This week, as with all others, we’ve made a great chunk of progress across the board. One of the most exciting things this week is the Options Menu that Chris has been working on, which we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. We know that everyone has their own preferences in terms of controls and visuals, and we’re doing our best to make sure you’ve got plenty to tweak and tune to your liking. Here’s a sample of a few of our currently available options and settings:

  • Full Key Rebinding
  • Field of View Slider
  • LOTS of visual quality/performance settings, including disabling film grain, image sharpening, etc.
  • Audio sliders – Master, Effects, Music, etc.
  • Reticle scale, on/off
  • Mouse Inversion
  • ….and much more!

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Dev Blog 53 – Mini-Map, World Building, and much more

Thus ends another loaded week here at NVYVE Studios! We’ve finished up some long-running tasks (Christian is glad to be done the huge inventory/equipment/loadout mega-menu overhaul), as well as integrated some exciting new abilities and items.

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