Dev Blog 71 – New Trailer, Release Date Announced!

Welcome to an extra special PAMELA Dev Blog! On a Thursday, no less!

We know you’ve been waiting patiently (thank you!) these last few weeks for an update, and we’re finally ready for the big reveal. We’ve got a shiny new trailer, showing off all new environments, weapons, abilities, build-able items, animations, and so much more. With further adieu, watch below!

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Dev Blog 70 – Major News Soon (very soon!)

Welcome back PAMELA fans!

It’s that time again, the weekly Dev Blog is here and there’s been a ton of important progress behind the scenes at NVYVE Studios. Another round of testing has been done, fixes were implemented, gameplay tweaked and balanced and overall PAMELA is now a shinier and smoother game than ever before! Oh, and read on further to see just a tiny bit of news….

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Dev Blog 69 – Testify!

Hello and welcome once again to the PAMELA weekly dev blog!

Another week has gone by, we’re all a little older, hopefully wiser and PAMELA is just that much more polished and ready to hit the virtual shelves! As we’ve all been getting absolutely stuck-in to game testing, some major issues have been resolved, other major issues have been found and await annihilation and the game is in general even smoother and more enjoyable than just a week ago! Yay us 🙂

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Dev Blog 68 – All’s quiet on the western front

Well, well, well. Great to see you all back once more dear readers!

An eerie quiet has descended on the office as the majority of the staff here at NVYVE Studios are furiously concentrated on polishing this game so hard you can see your expectant faces in it! Another bunch of great performance enhancements have been made, a swathe of bug fixes have been implemented from various team members into the main project, more areas of Eden will now spawn appropriate items, combat got tweaked, NPC’s are more polished, Eden itself is better looking as a whole, the audio levels were given a sweep, new audio effects have been imported and a series of “Nanite” growths were made and are now being imported into Eden. Whew!

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