Dev Blog 59 – Telling her Story

Phew, another week down. It’s been another productive one across the board, with a few specific highlights that are particularly exciting!

Christian made a huge chunk of progress, finishing the first iteration of Pamela’s narrative systems. This is a pretty massive, complex system that allows Pamela herself to appear throughout the world, as well as on the player’s AARM, to speak and share information about the world of Eden. She will react to your activities, such as explaining a new area when you first enter, or warning of critical health or imminent starvation. This system also incorporates the new subtitle system, as well as lip-syncing and facial emotions. We’ll be testing out Pamela’s new model and facial animations with this system soon, and can’t wait to see it all in motion!

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Dev Blog 58 – We built this city

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to our weekly Dev Blog!

Once again it has been a great week in terms of progress and also a very, very exciting one. First off, there has been even more content created, as per usual, and some welcome spit and polish but we’ve also started a big push towards tracking and getting rid of pesky bugs! Combined with some major optimisation and stabilisation, all of this has been done in order to push out a new build of the game for all of us to play!!!

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Dev Blog 57 – Dreams Do Come True!

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. It’s a good thing I have this Dev Blog handy here with me…

The dev team is coming up to an exciting couple of weeks here as some long-awaited features are starting to be created! Many of these features have been planned for well over a year, if not longer, so you can imagine how excited we are to see these dreams becoming a reality. The first of which are random and timed events that James has made some stellar progress on this week. So far you can expect to see riots break out, power outages that you’ll have to investigate, security lock-downs you’ll probably want to avoid and of course the constant depletion of things like food, drinks and energy from Eden as its inhabitants nibble away at its supplies. All put together, these events will help keep the game fresh, the world dynamic and the difficulty ever-increasing. And more events will be created next week, and further in the future as well! Read more

Dev Blog 56 – You Break it, you Fix it

Welcome back for another episode of the ol’ devblog! It’s been another busy week, with some pretty exciting new items and systems being integrated that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Let’s dive into it!

Christian has implemented some cool new combat mechanics; you can now be staggered by strong attacks, making our beefy enemies even more dangerous. Enemies can also now block your attacks, which combined with their ability to dodge and maneuver makes them pretty tough to get hits on; we think you’ll have a ton of fun learning their patterns and mastering the flow of combat. Another super exciting feature Christian is starting on is adding the ability for enemies to attack your base, meaning that you’ll need to install defenses and traps to keep yourself safe behind your walls. If your walls are destroyed, they’ll have to be repaired before they function again.

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