Dev Blog 55 – It’s good to have Options

Dev blog, go!

This week, as with all others, we’ve made a great chunk of progress across the board. One of the most exciting things this week is the Options Menu that Chris has been working on, which we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. We know that everyone has their own preferences in terms of controls and visuals, and we’re doing our best to make sure you’ve got plenty to tweak and tune to your liking. Here’s a sample of a few of our currently available options and settings:

  • Full Key Rebinding
  • Field of View Slider
  • LOTS of visual quality/performance settings, including disabling film grain, image sharpening, etc.
  • Audio sliders – Master, Effects, Music, etc.
  • Reticle scale, on/off
  • Mouse Inversion
  • ….and much more!

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Dev Blog 53 – Mini-Map, World Building, and much more

Thus ends another loaded week here at NVYVE Studios! We’ve finished up some long-running tasks (Christian is glad to be done the huge inventory/equipment/loadout mega-menu overhaul), as well as integrated some exciting new abilities and items.

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Dev Blog 52 – Telling the Story

A wild Friday has appeared! Let’s welcome it with Dev Blog #52.

If you missed the big announcement last week, we posted our new launch date for February 2017! We’re super excited about how much better the game will be when it hits the public because of this extra time and from reading your feedback from last week, you feel the same way too. We’re just going to continue on with powering through developing all this content and keep our regular format updates coming.

For this week’s development highlight, our lore systems have started to take shape this week! This first step is in the form of lore entries which can be found in items around the world such as Data Tablets and Laptops. These entries will then be entered into your Datapad menu for you to revisit at any time. You will find things like emails, instant messages, broadcasts, journals and more from the citizens before and during the downfall of Eden 052.

In other news, Adam has finished modeling quite a large area of Garrison, the Barracks. This should be a pretty interesting place to explore and acquire loot from and it’s underground! Alayna planned out some awesome events world that will be worked on in the near future and Ian has been creating some awesome PAMELA abilities.

To our fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving this weekend! Our holiday falls on the Monday so next week will be a bit shorter than usual.

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