Dev Blog 51 – Release Date Update

This week we’ve got a pretty major announcement to make, one that many of you have been asking about lately. Apologies for being a bit hush-hush with this lately, but we wanted to make sure that we were totally confident before sharing anything.

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Dev Blog 50 – Pamela Abilities, Store Kiosks, and More

Welcome to the 50th P.A.M.E.L.A. dev blog from the team here at NVYVE Studios! It’s been a nice sense of routine for us to put these together each friday, and we do hope that you all enjoy checking in every week!

This has been another solid week, with everyone accomplishing some great work (except for Adam and Alayna, who were super sick and in quarantine most of the week… but are now recovered!). We’ve finished up our huge sprint of mo-cap work, which is kind of a huge relief as there was quite a large list to work through. To provide a highly dynamic combat experience, each NPC has almost 200 unique animations for movement, attacking, dodging, being hurt, retreating, etc. The number of animations we’ve done for these new characters is roughly twice the amount we used to record, which means less repetition and much more organic reactions to the player.

In art news, Mathew finished up a huge batch of awesome high-detail props for the Garrison security area, which will go a long way towards fleshing out the area’s military feel. Patrick finished up a datapad model, which will be scattered throughout the world and contain lore for the player to track down, as well as almost finishing a few new shield models the player will be able to equip. Good stuff!

The programming team made some huge progress this week as well; several Pamela abilities have been implemented, store Kiosks for buying items have been created, and more which you can read through below.

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Dev Blog 49 – Tag Team

It’s Friday and that means Dev Blog time!

There’s definitely a lot of news this week, so let’s dive right in. This week’s highlight is not one, but two separate things!


The first is the completion of the ‘Build Mode’ which has been on-going, but Ian finally polished it off this week. This is a really cool mode that you can enter on your IVG which allows for a much more streamlined base-building experience. You don’t have to enter your inventory every time you want to place a new item down, instead there’s a nice list of every buildable item that you have on you which you can then quickly be placed down. Moving already placed objects and even toggling activation is now faster and requires less steps than when out of ‘Build Mode’. The other really useful feature this introduces is the ability to send a scan outwards from your location which pings all placed buildable objects that are near to you. When the scan hits a buildable object it will make a little menu appear beside it which will show you useful information depending on the item. For instance an energy transmitter will show you it’s current charge level and how much time it has left before the Ion Core will be empty and will need a recharge. A storage container might show you how much space it has left and a hydroponics planter will show you information about what it is growing. Definitely all useful stuff and so far it’s been a real pleasure to use.

The next highlight for this week would be the completion of the initial implementation of some heavier afflicted NPCs. While they still will need a polish pass, they are now in the engine with all of their mocap’d animations which we recorded a few weeks ago. These characters certainly show off the citizen’s debilitating disease much more clearly and are pretty freaky to see sulking in the shadows. We can’t wait for you guys to encounter these characters!

There is one last bit of news that is a bit sad this week, but then it turns happy. Last week was Stephen’s last week with us here at NVYVE Studios. Due to some personal reasons he wasn’t able to stay with us, but he has done some awesome work on P.A.M.E.L.A. while he was here and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. The good news is we already have a new developer, Chris, tapping in and already started this week to pick up where Stephen left off. So everyone let’s welcome Chris to the team!

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Dev Blog 48 – Buildin’ On Up

Hey everyone and welcome back to another dev blog!

This week was a bit of a short one due to Labour Day here in Canada, but we still managed to get lots of awesome stuff done. Continuing the trend of the last few weeks, mocap and animation work is again the highlight of this week. We’ll be continuing to shoot one day of mocap each week until the end of this month. By the end of that we should have every animation needed, even for future characters! We shot two unannounced characters this time around… so I guess that’s all I’m allowed to say at this point….*cough*

Elsewhere in the office many other things have been worked on and completed. Our huge texture optimization overhaul is finally complete, some character modeling was finished, sleeping in buildable beds is now finished and our ‘Build Mode’ is nearing completion. There was certainly more than that done so read on to get the full rundown!

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Dev Blog 47 – Character Progression, Building Improvements, and more

Another week comes to a close, and another chunk of items checked off the ol’ to-do list for the NVYVE Studios team. We’ve been keeping up some great momentum on integrating a few significant usability improvements, as well as new features and items.

It’s getting difficult to summarize everything concisely as there’s such a wide range of work being finished each week! Some of the highlights from this week would definitely have to be new mo-cap animations being recorded, new working bed item, further work on the “build mode” feature, and our Genome point upgrading system. Build mode and Genome points are particularly exciting, as they allow you to create/reorganize your base much more easily, and upgrade your character between subsequent playthroughs, respectively.

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