Dev Blog 46 – That bone wasn’t there yesterday…

Welcome back to another Friday and another dev blog!

This week Patrick rejoined the team, back from his adventures across the Atlantic ocean. The boat ‘S.S. Progress’ is still going full speed ahead, especially with our additional crew member, James, who we introduced last week. The headline of this week’s work would definitely be some heavier afflicted NPC characters that are very close to being inside the game engine. More mocap has been shot (close to 300 takes) for this new enemy and next week they will be rigged, skinned, tossed into the engine and by the end of the week should even be trying to kill you!

The rework of all the in-world menus is still in progress, but so far looks very promising! If you missed it last week, Alayna is drastically reducing the number of textures we had for all of the menus (the VRAM thanks you), as well as some major changes in the layout of a few menus which truly makes for a much more streamlined and pleasant experience.

More items for base building are being created and implemented, saving and loading is now a very real thing and the IVG “Build Mode” is becoming cooler literally by the hour.

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Dev Blog 45 – Weather, Combat Tweaks, and Much More

Welcome back to ye olde’ dev blog! Another week comes to a close, another great deal of progress made.

The big news this week is the addition of a new team member! We brought James on board to join the programming team so we can push the bar even further in terms of features and mechanics we’ve been hoping to implement. Every single person on the team makes a huge difference in terms of what we can accomplish, so this is definitely this week’s highlight!

In other news, we’ve been experimenting with some potential weather effects, that would allow us to implement fog, rainfall, and thunderstorms. Testing so far has been very promising; the actual effects look pretty great, and the performance impact is relatively low as well. Exploring exterior areas in pouring rain completely changes the dynamic; we still need to put a bit more work into it before we can share anything, but so far, so good!

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Dev Blog 44 – PAMELA, Then and Now…

We’ve got an extra special weekly dev blog for you this friday. We were looking through a few old, oooold old builds, and realized that some of our very earliest prototypes for PAMELA were created 2 years ago on this very day. It was a strange mixture of nostalgia and embarrassment that we felt as we played and explore those ancients prototypes we’d created, but despite how far we’ve come since then, you can still clearly see the early seeds and vision that are still very much part of the game.

As creators, seeing this evolution is extremely exciting and we wanted to share some of it with you! Here are a couple side by side comparisons of several areas/mechanics, then and now…

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Dev Blog 43 – World Building and… more Animation Work!

It’s that time again. The time we’ve all come to know and love/dread/feel neutral towards; weekly devblog time!

We’ve been chipping away as always, making solid progress across many aspects of the game. On the art side of things, we’ve been churning out some new NPC and attachment models, as well as making some great progress on polishing up Eden’s transit hub, Origin Station. It’s been coming together quite nicely, check out the screenshot above!

Continued work on animations is another major highlight for the week, as we’ve begun restructuring our back-end systems to accommodate the new methodology we’re implementing. The end result with have much more natural movement overall and make all of our AI behaviors more organic.

Those are the highlights, but wait, there’s more! Check out the in-depth list below.

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