Dev Blog 38 – Dye! Dye! Dye!

Welcome back reader! Aren’t Friday’s to dye for?

This week marks the end of our current sprint, and colour me impressed, we accomplished 98% of what we wanted to! Next week there won’t be a dev blog as we’re all taking next week off for some much needed vacation time, but fear not, we’ll be right back at it the following week.


Today we wanted to show off some of the awesome new equipment customization that we’ve been working on. The GIF above showcases just a sprinkle of the dyes you will find scattered across Eden. These dyes, once found and consumed, will be unlocked permanently even through multiple playthroughs. There will be kind of a ridiculous amount of them to find so good luck finding the same one Jimmy from across the street found.

In other news, we’ve got another warehouse!


This means we’ll be setting the mocap studio back up (today actually) and sometime in July we’ll be completely re-recording the NPC animations that we’ve been wanting to do for so long. There will be much more impactful and visceral combat once we’re done the next round of animations and we’ll definitely show some off when the time comes. Read more

Dev Blog 37 – Equipment Customization and Alternate Fire

Happy friday, dear reader! Another week, another solid chunk of progress across the board.

We’ve been hard at work adding alternate fires to our existing weapons, which will essentially give every weapon 2 different modes or abilities you’ll be able to use on the fly. We’re really excited about the options that this will open for you in combat; since you’re able to equip 2 weapons at once, you’ll have 4 unique attack types available at all times.

Also in the works this week is some more progress on weapon and equipment dyeing. You’ll be able to find and unlock a huge variety of rare dye modules in P.A.M.E.L.A., that are saved even between deaths so you’ll be able to keep using that awesome rare skin you found on that last run. Next week we’ll post a few of the skins we’re currently working on, check back soon!

Also in the works this week – a new, heavily infected Afflicted model, a new melee weapon, and spawning menu UI. Stay tuned for more updates on these down the road!


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Dev Blog 36 – Exterior Environments and Performance Gains

It’s been another busy week for the NVYVE Studios team! We’ve finished a bunch of meaty tasks that have been keeping us busy, in most cases resulting in pretty major performance gains. Our AI systems in particular have been massively improved, which means we’ll be able to fit many more characters on-screen than we were able to before. Should result in some nice team fights between factions; we’ll post more on that later!

We also made some great progress on the art side of things; we’ve greatly expanded Oasis – the main exterior area in Eden, added some new weapon boxes, created new utility attachments, and added dye support to a ton of items! You’ll be able to find different dye modules within Eden to customize your AARM and attachments with a ton of different color schemes.

Oh, and here’s hacking a locked container!


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Dev Blog 35 – Stabilizing and Polishing



This week we’ve been busy polishing and stabilizing across several areas of the game. Tying up some loose threads, sorting out some inconsistencies, that kind of thing. Not necessarily the most exciting week for new features, but we’re making decent progress towards smoothing things out before it’s too late!

And if you missed it last week, our Coming Soon Steam page is live! Check it out and give it a wishlist if you like –

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