Dev Blog 34 – Coming Soon Steam Page is Live!

Hello and happy friday! Today we have some exciting news to share – P.A.M.E.L.A.’s official Steam page is finally live as “Coming Soon”, so you can now add the game properly to your wishlist if you so desire! This brings us one step closer to release this fall, and it is pretty awesome to see our game listed on the “real” section of Steam and not just Greenlight.

Check it out our new Steam Page here!

In other equally exciting news, we finished up another busy week. See our progress below!

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Dev Blog 33 – Weapon upgrading, Hacking, and more…

Happy long-weekend to our fellow Canadian readers! Monday is a holiday for us so the team will be getting a little extra relaxation over the weekend. So this week, once again, has been filled with tons of progress with finishing up a lot of the areas of development that weren’t fully completed before. As we mentioned in our previous few blogs, from now until the end of June we’re doing a ‘completion pass’ where we revisit areas of the game that haven’t been finished yet and polish them off.

Here’s what we’ve managed to finish up this week! –

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Dev Blog 32 – More Polishing, Menus, and Weapons

Happy friday, dear reader! Another week is coming to a close and as always, we’ve made a nice dent in the ol’ to-do list. As Christian wrote last week, we’re circling back on some half-implemented menus, features, etc. and polishing them up to get them all up to snuff. At times it can be easy to get something 75% finished, then move on to the next exciting new feature before closing up all of the loose ends first. Thankfully we’re able to set aside some time to take care of this now, rather than pressing on and risking some of these things being forgotten about until down the line!

So, here’s what we’ve been up to this week-

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Dev Blog 31 – We’ve Collected Another Soul

Hey everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added a new member here at NVYVE Studios, growing the team size to 7.  Our new developer, Stephen, will be helping out with gameplay programming and will certainly help with crafting P.A.M.E.L.A. to be the game we’ve envisioned.

There’s been a ton of planning done this last week, mapping the coming months. More excitingly we’ve made some serious progress on a few areas, so read on to find out what everyone’s been up to:

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