Dev Blog 25 – Environmental Polish, More Building, and Weapons

Happy friday! We’ve had another very productive week, making some excellent progress in adding more life and personality to Eden. We’ve added a variety of new props to further flesh out the different spaces, such as shopping carts and accessories in stores, and missing person posters throughout the world. These small elements really do wonders to push the believably of each area, and are also a lot of fun to add as they’re a bit more mindless than say, designing a new area of scratch. 🙂

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Dev Blog 24 – If you build it, they will come.

Hi everyone, I hope all of you have had a great week!

This week we have been working on a bunch of cool new things!

To start, Alayna has been creating some awesome marketing material in preparation for GDC this March. Be sure to check us out if you plan on being there. As for the game, the environments are starting to feel much more lived in as they start to be populated with various props and items. Speaking of items, we’ve also implemented some brand new build-able items that require a connection with a power source, and provide some very interesting interaction with your surrounding environment.

As always, below is a further breakdown of this weeks work.

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Dev Blog 23 – 2015 is Dead, Long Live 2016

See below for a 4k desktop background version of this image!

First of all, belated happy holidays from the entire PAMELA team! We hope you all had some over-sized meals with friends and family, and of course, many hours of gaming over the holidays. We definitely did, and are back and fully recharged for what promises to be a crazy and amazing year to come.

Before I talk about our upcoming plans for the year, I’d like to take a quick look back at some of our favorite moments from last year, starting with our announcement at GDC 2015 less than a year ago.

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