Dev Blog 20 – We Be Shieldn’

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are a bit late this week, having worked on Saturday to keep up with the latest crunch. Last week we made huge progress with the combat system; shields, dodging, and some satisfying unarmed melee has sparked a competition in the office to see who can beat up more afflicted before being taken down! So far Adam has the high score, but that wont be for long!

Here’s what else we’ve all been up to-

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Dev Blog 19 – Fisticuffs and GUIs

Happy Friday, reader! We’re had another productive week, with a ton of exciting mechanics being integrated together and working nicely. It’s always great to see things coming together as they were intended; it doesn’t always work out that way, but oh man, when it does… 🙂

Here’s what we’ve all been up to-

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Dev Blog 18 – Extra Life.

Hello once again everyone!

Before I get to the update, I thought I would take a moment to talk about an awesome event/cause we participated in this year called Extra Life.

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