Dev Blog 8 – They’ve Gained Sentience!


It’s a strange feeling when you watch the AI you’ve programmed do things you never expected it to do.  When characters move around and react to the world in a natural way, it feels as though they are real people, and watching them becomes a constant surprise as they go about their business! Today, I’d like to talk to you about where our NPC’s are headed and what our vision is for them in PAMELA.

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Dev Blog 6 – The Assembly Line

Hey guys, my name is Mat, and I’m one of 3D Artists that is working on P.A.M.E.L.A, the other being Patrick who you’ve already met. Today I’ll be talking about my modelling pipeline, and how I ended up in this hot stuffy room with 5 individuals, setting out to make one amazing, and beautiful looking game, did I mention this game looks beautiful… it’s BEAUTIFUL.

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Dev Blog 5 – Birth of a World

Luminous rays of hope glistens upon porcelain towers, transfixed on curves and angles that betray truth. With its fervered dance, alcoves and terraces alike are set aglow. Yet just beneath the surface lies the truth, and beauty is only skin deep. What was once true utopia, is but a shadow nipping at the heels of human greed.

My name is Alayna, and I am the Creative Director and Concept Artist working on PAMELA. Throughout this post I hope to convey a bit about the origins of the game world, and touch on some of the major themes and ideas that play a role.

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