Dev Blog 4 – Assuming Direct Control

Hi everyone, it’s great to meet you!

My name is Ian and I’m one of the new developers here on the P.A.M.E.L.A. team. I am so honored to be a part of the team and consider myself lucky to be working on this amazing project with such talented individuals.

Mainly I work closely with Christian (who you may have already met in Dev Blog 2) in programming/developing a lot of our systems for the game. Currently I am working on a number of things including the character controller, the item/inventory system, object detection, and even some visual effect systems.

Enough about me though, how about we get to the good stuff!

Alright, so this week I’ll be talking a bit about the process we went through to create our custom character controller. Before I begin, please be aware that all the content shown (including the character model and animations) are in development. For this post, we’ll be focusing more on the camera’s movement in 3D space, rather than it’s associated visuals and animations.

Below I will cover some of our initial goals for the character controller, the challenges we encountered, and the final outcomes we achieved. So let’s “jump” right in.

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Dev Blog 3 – Highpoly Hijinks

Its a long way to Tipperary

Editors note: The following post is best read in an Irish accent.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Patrick, the lead 3D artist on P.A.M.E.L.A. and when not cursing due to software crashes and baking errors, I’m making the games cool props, characters and materials. Join me, in a journey through time as we explore my varied and at times unhealthy experiences on the P.A.M.E.L.A. development team.


My quest begins as a young boy, last September or so. I found myself in the enviable position of having been invited to work on a top secret project. Ssssssshhhhhhhh. They’ll have my thumbs for revealing too much. Anyway, as the only 3D artist (at the time) (and not including Adam, the environment artist whom you have met already and is definitely a nice guy) I rather unknowingly, had quite the adventure beckoning me from the soft, cosy, marshmallowey goodness of going home at 6 O’ clock .

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Dev Blog 2 – The Capture Zone!

Hey everyone 🙂

I’m Christian, the Lead Developer here at NVYVE Studios. I’m in charge of leading the programming team (we’ve expanded to two people!), AI programming, in-engine development, our character and animation pipeline and all sorts of other random things.

I thought some people might like a bit of a peak into our motion capture studio this week since it’s probably the coolest thing that we own. We are super excited to have the opportunity to have access to such an amazing piece of technology. It’s so much fun to bring the characters you create to life using your own body, definitely something you don’t forget. We got the mocap studio right before GDC 2015 and the release of our first trailer, so essentially every single animation that was shown back then has been completely re-done and we’re still deep in the middle of recording, cleaning up and solving [more on this below].

Check out a quick time-lapse of the team unboxing and constructing our setup:

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Dev Blog 1 – The first one

Hello world!

First things first- I’m Adam, Studio Director and Level Designer. This is the first of what will be our weekly (we promise!) Dev Blogs, in which we’ll be sharing our latest progress, goals, and other fun stuff like office tours. Each week, a different team member will be talking about what they’ve been working on so you can get to know everyone. Make sure to check back every friday for something new! First, let’s recap our journey to this point, starting a few months ago…

GDC 2015 – Here’s our game!

A few months ago, we announced our first game, PAMELA, to the world at Unity’s GDC Booth. It was a ton of fun, we met a bunch of awesome people, and it was amazing for us to finally share the game with the outside world. Here’s our mini-booth, in all it’s glory:


Up to that point, PAMELA had only been in development for a few months, with our 4 man team. The demo we showcased at the event (and in our announcement trailer) is an area called the Promenade, which is the main shopping area within the city. Some of the main highlights included our AARM UI system, clean sci-fi environments, and real-time global illumination (gorgeous lighting powered by Unity 5).

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