How can I keep updated with the game’s progress?

On the front page we have a simple and secure newsletter that we would love for you to sign up for! Be the first to find out about development progress, special offers, closed alpha and beta access and more!

Is there going to be VR support?

VR is something that we all love and are definitely interested in. Currently we are waiting to see how the platforms and technology develop until we can make any official commitments.

What other games inspired us?

We were inspired visually by games such as Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge, in their portrayal of clean, believable environments with punches of color throughout. Thematically and game-play wise, we were inspired by Deus Ex and Bioshock in their explorations of human nature, bio-augmentation, and free-form style allowing players to choose their own style and path.

How many people are working on the game?

Currently there are 4 of us, and all of us wear many many hats!

Day/Night cycles?

Yes, day/night transitions will alter the entire feeling of Eden, and affect the gameplay as well.

Will there be dynamic weather?

Yes! This will also be very important for the gameplay.

Can I play with my friends?

Co-op is something that we would love to have, and are definitely looking in to.

Is there permadeath?

Yes, if you die in Eden, you do not come back. If you are playing in normal mode, the world will still persist, but you will become another awoken character losing augmentations and your inventory. In hardcore mode, everything will be lost, though there are special circumstances that may affect this.

How does progression work?

There will be many ways to progress as a visitor to Eden. You will be able to find a vast amount of weapons and attachments for your AARM, alter your body through augmentations, tweak individual weapon parameters, and discover many secret upgrades as well!

Is there loot?

Yes! We are really endeavoring to include as much loot as possible, and we have many awesome ways we are considering doing this. The exact details are a secret right now though!

Is this a linear story-driven game?

No. Pamela is not linear, but it will include a vast amount of lore on the setting, events, and the people who lived there. Story will be discovered through a more flexible medium that allows players to experience at their own pace, in their own order; whether through audio logs, computer terminals, NPCs or posters. Some lore will educate, and others will let you in on secrets that may give you an upper edge to survive.

How big will the game world be?

We have only just shown a small portion of Eden called the Promenade. This mall setting is only half the size of its true presentation, and is only one of many completely different locations among Eden. Players will be able to walk freely from one side to another, and plan out possible destinations from simply looking out the many vast windows.

What are the main themes behind the game?

Pamela is about exploring humanities fascination with technology and perfection. As we progress as a species, we are becoming ever more connected to technology around us. We are also trying to eliminate all faults in ourselves, medically or mentally; but these types of endeavors are never without repercussions.

What languages will be supported?

Currently Pamela is only officially announced to be in English. We will try to localize in other languages and regions if enough interest is shown.

Why is the game called Pamela?

Pamela is the name of the sympathetic AI caretaker of Eden. She will aid the player with special abilities that will be influenced by the way the player interacts with the world.

Is this a zombie game?

No! The currently revealed afflicted residents are in incredible agony due to a progressive bone affliction, and thus act erratically. They have a personality-driven AI system that is randomly generated per enemy to allow them complex interactions such as running away in fear, curiosity, and sympathy. They will also need to eat and sleep just like the player, and will consume resources and items around the world.

What platforms are we releasing on?

We are only officially releasing on PC as of now, but we are also considering consoles, and experimenting with VR.

What is the release date?

We are working very hard to get Pamela out as soon as possible! Right now, release is slated for 2016.

What type of game is Pamela?

Pamela is an open world, Sci-Fi First-Person Survival Horror game with RPG style progression.