July 10, 2015 Adam

Dev Blog 1 – The first one

Hello world!

First things first- I’m Adam, Studio Director and Level Designer. This is the first of what will be our weekly (we promise!) Dev Blogs, in which we’ll be sharing our latest progress, goals, and other fun stuff like office tours. Each week, a different team member will be talking about what they’ve been working on so you can get to know everyone. Make sure to check back every friday for something new! First, let’s recap our journey to this point, starting a few months ago…

GDC 2015 – Here’s our game!

A few months ago, we announced our first game, PAMELA, to the world at Unity’s GDC Booth. It was a ton of fun, we met a bunch of awesome people, and it was amazing for us to finally share the game with the outside world. Here’s our mini-booth, in all it’s glory:


Up to that point, PAMELA had only been in development for a few months, with our 4 man team. The demo we showcased at the event (and in our announcement trailer) is an area called the Promenade, which is the main shopping area within the city. Some of the main highlights included our AARM UI system, clean sci-fi environments, and real-time global illumination (gorgeous lighting powered by Unity 5).

In case you haven’t seen our announcement trailer, check it out here:

Since we announced, we’ve been blown away and humbled by the positive support we’ve received from the community. From in-person reactions at GDC, to comments on Youtube, we’re so happy to see so many people being excited for what we’re building. After all, that’s what it’s all about! It’s also really exciting to see our game on sites like Polygon, Kotaku, and Rock Paper Shotgun. One thing that happened though, in all the business and excitement, is that we accidentally neglected stuff like this; Devblogs, progress updates, and interacting with you guys.

What’s next?

From now on, we’re going to be dedicating more time to these things to make sure that we’re keeping you up to date and informed on what PAMELA is all about. We’ll be doing the weekly blog posts, as well as more frequent tidbits about our work day-to-day.

We recently increased our team from 4 to 6, bringing on another programmer and 3D artist. This has been awesome for the team’s productivity, while still being easy to manage and keep development flexible. You’ll be hearing more from them in the coming weeks!

Unite Europe – Beautiful Amsterdam


A few weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to speak at Unite Europe with Kasper Engelstoft from Unity and Jim Chaney from ARM. They presented an awesome in-depth look at Enlighten, the technology being used in Unity 5 that powers our dynamic lighting, and I discussed how we’re using this tech to achieve our vision for the game.

The talk itself is a little bit on the technical side (Jim’s section has maths!), but is worth a watch if you’re considering using Unity 5 and Enlighten in your projects. If you’re interested, check it out here!

Unite Europe was a great event! I saw some cool new Asset Store plugins, met fellow Unity devs and press, and explored Amsterdam, which is a beautiful city and a big change of scenery from Toronto. We’ll be at Unite Boston in a few months as well; these events are always a lot of fun and are great ways to learn and share with the community.

But what about the game??? I want to see new stuff!!!

We know! From this point on, someone on the team will be doing a Devblog about what they’ve been working on each week. Maybe it’s new AI mechanics, animations, props- each week will be focused on a different aspect.

As for me, I’ve been hard at work on designing and building the environment. PAMELA takes place in Eden, which is a huge, floating utopian city. We showcased the Promenade at GDC and in our trailer, but that area only makes up a small fraction of the overall environment we have in the works. Here’s some early concept art from Alayna (our Creative Director & Concept Artist) which demonstrates the scale of the city:


To give you an idea, the Promenade is located at the bottom of the smaller tower on the left. It’s a large area in and of itself, but only a small piece of the greater puzzle. In terms of gameplay, since GDC, we’ve reworked much of our base systems. From massively enhancing our character controller, to all-new animations, to creating a much more advanced personality-driven AI system, there’s been a lot of cool stuff happening.


That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, and make sure to check back next week. We have some pretty exciting stuff coming up- Christian will be talking about our animation pipeline, and our fancy mo-cap studio in…

Dev Blog 2 – The Capture Zone!

Check it out next week! And if you’re interested in getting the latest updates…


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Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.