September 4, 2015 Adam

Dev Blog 9 – New Trailer Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!

We’ve all been busy lately polishing off some new areas and content that we’ll be showing off in a new trailer… soon™. If you want to be notified as soon as it’s posted, you can always sign up for our newsletter here.

This week we’re trying out a bit of a different format for the blog; instead of focusing just on one team member, we’ll be touching on what we’ve been working on as a whole. The goal behind this format is to give you a broader look at how PAMELA is progressing each week, down to what each person is working on. Let us know what you think of the new format on Twitter or Facebook!

This week’s post will be a little.. sparse, in the graphics department; we’re saving up for the trailer!


  • Fleshed out many new sections of Eden, from cramped indoor spaces to outdoor areas
  • Animated some cinematics that will be featured in the new trailer
  • Tweaked lighting and Post Effects to enhance our visuals (as well as save some performance!)


  • Cleaned up and imported a ton of new NPC animations; new movements, attacks, gestures are all updated to be much smoother and more polished
  • Created some new ambient particles effects to enhance the environments’ atmosphere
  • Prepped some new areas and animations to be shown in the trailer


  • Created a huge variety of NPC materials to reflect their jobs, and social standing; we did some math, and there will be a crazy amount of variation in the NPCs that should drastically reduce repetition
  • Made some new animated sprite FX sheets
  • Storyboarded the new trailer and prepared a shot list


  •  Modeled and textured new male NPC scientist model
  • Created a bunch of shiny new PBR materials in Substance Designer


  • Made several new animated particle systems for smoke, bubbles, and more
  • Imported some new AARM weapon models, and created their particle systems
  • Polished the recoil and aiming of AARM weapons


  • Modeled a warehouse full of new, updated props for the environment; each area now has its own distinct set of props to help better illustrate their unique aesthetics
  • Created some disgusting new infection FX models


And that’s it for this week! As always, check back next friday for another Dev Blog.

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About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.