December 9, 2016 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 61 – Wanton Destruction


Welcome back dear readers and have I got some cool updates for you! As per usual…

This week was a bit of a strange one in terms of progress as on the one hand we created some super lush looking and in-depth plant growing functionality courtesy of Mat and James, but then Ian shocked us all with a way to blow all that stuff up! I’m not sure what his problem is, as hydroponics is a hobby of his in real life. Maybe he’s just jealous of just how awesome looking our plants are 😉

First off, we here at NVYVE Studios would like to congratulate our teammate Mathew and his partner Isabella on the news that they’re having a baby! Woohoo! One more future worker for the project :)*

In other news, we did some work on a sort of “tutorial” area, but that’s all I’m going to say on that you nosey, nosey people. Once again Adam has somehow managed to cram a shocking amount of level design into his busy schedule, Pamela has some new animations and functionality, loot items now have rarity values, even more of the game is completely propped, we have a new secret enemy in the game, the AI is smarter and placeable turrets are now a very real (and somewhat frightening) thing! Now, I’m not going to reveal too many juicy details on all of these updates, for the most part you will have to just wait until launch to see all the cool stuff we’ve been working hard to give you guys. But, if I grabbed your attention then you can read on below to get a more in-depth look at some of the progress we’ve made this week.


  • Designed and modelled tutorial area
  • Added Garrison outpost to Promenade district
  • Created idle and gesture animations for Pamela
  • Created utility attachment and Pamela building animations
  • Input item rarities and values for all existing items


  • Created procedural damage materials for buildable items
  • Made some farming icons
  • Setup the elevator menus for Ark and Garrison
  • Completely propped Ark
  • Created holographic projection effects for PAMELA


  • Finished integrating a new female boss type character
  • Did a bunch of generic AI enhancements
  • Gave PAMELA the ability to show up on your AARM


  • Finished making and animating an addition to the shield walls
  • Toyed with a cool new glass scene prop/material- more to follow
  • Started making some realistic clothing items to replace last years fashions in the promenade. They’re so 2015


  • Finished some really, really cool damage effects for buildable items. I’m now going to spend all my time in game destroying everything
  • Implemented these effects with the buildable health systems and the IVG repair mode. So now, you can magically repair all your base items and watch them become new and shiny again before your eyes!
  • Added some nifty muzzle particles for the IVG repair mode


  • Told us he’s having a baby!!!
  • Finished the plants for farming, adding the actual fruits/vegetables for you to eat
  • Re-rigged the turret so the animations can now be extra bad-ass/cute
  • Started making piles on piles of body bags


  • Created seed and fertiliser items allowing players to plant in a buildable hydroponics item
  • Created backend systems governing plant growth that requires light
  • Created food items that can be harvested from mature plants.


  • Finished placeable turret- which now scans the area, aims and shoots enemies
  • Started our tutorial system and sequence. That’s secret though

*NVYVE Studios does not endorse child labor