December 2, 2016 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 60 – Hunnits and Hunnits

And another week has flown by at NVYVE Studios. A week closer to Christmas and a week closer to launch!

Some very exciting progress was made in the last few days, with a million tiny tweaks, tons of items placed, populated, packed and polished. Also, PAMELA has finally been implemented properly into the game, having been given a number of great facial animations and some nifty lip-synching. And some very interesting IVG functionality was added, now allowing you even more interaction with the world and in particular, your buildable items. Wow, looks like there’s going to be a world of stuff for you guys to do when the game comes out! Keep reading for more…

One of our artists Matt created a new crop of plants, so you can farm your stress away (warning: farming may in fact be stressful), Adam added more elevators to Eden for your convenience, the world is now a softer, fluffier place with the addition of some pillows, blankets and rugs. James made sure we are super green by removing batteries from in-game items before putting in the inventory and Chris made sure that everybody will know what we worked on by creating a credits page!

Of course, that’s only a drop in the ocean of what was actually accomplished this week so have a look below for a little more info


  • Polish pass on the entire Arc Medical district
  • Added several new elevators to the game to aid lazy people in getting around
  • Created presets for equippable flashlight items- now you can change lenses to have wider or more focused beams
  • Wrote a ton of PAMELA dialogue


  • Added “hunnits” of props to Garrison. So, props to her…. yeah that was terrible
  • Organised these props
  • Wrote a bunch of item descriptions
  • Wrote primary and alternate fire descriptions for weapons


  • Fixed shield bash
  • Replaced all animations on the Reaper character
  • Also added custom behaviour
  • Properly integrated PAMELA into the game including creating systems for her to behave in a more realistic way, giving her cool animations etc


  • Quickly made a simple pillow for use throughout the game
  • Then some rugs got added
  • Then some blankets
  • Then some blinds
  • Then some more blinds
  • Started making an addition to the base shield walls


  • Continued working on IVG mode (added a cool repair mode)
  • Created heal pulse
  • Created a very attractive heal particle effect
  • Currently working on other associated effects
  • Fixed some PAMELA ability bugs


  • Made some plants for farming, E-I-E-I-O
  • Created blend shaped for PAMELA facial animation
  • Tweaked turret animation and fixed some rigging issues


  • Finished attachment cases
  • Made sure that batteries are removed from parent items before putting in inventory
  • Finished buildable spotting bug on loading
  • Finished beep-boop-beeep-fzzzzzz (his words)


  • Created credits page
  • Finished farming menu
  • Started creating buildable item turret