November 25, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 59 – Telling her Story

Phew, another week down. It’s been another productive one across the board, with a few specific highlights that are particularly exciting!

Christian made a huge chunk of progress, finishing the first iteration of Pamela’s narrative systems. This is a pretty massive, complex system that allows Pamela herself to appear throughout the world, as well as on the player’s AARM, to speak and share information about the world of Eden. She will react to your activities, such as explaining a new area when you first enter, or warning of critical health or imminent starvation. This system also incorporates the new subtitle system, as well as lip-syncing and facial emotions. We’ll be testing out Pamela’s new model and facial animations with this system soon, and can’t wait to see it all in motion!

The other highlight from this week was in the environment; Adam blocked out a huge chunk of Ark Medical, which is the last piece of the environment that needed to be designed prior to Early Access in February. At this point, all of the Districts are connected and present in the game world. This is a huge milestone as we’re able to lock things down and polish what’s there, rather than focusing purely on design and building.

There’s so much more to note this week, if you can believe it; Alayna wrote over one hundred item descriptions, James integrated repairable items that improve Eden’s power storage… find the full list below!


  • Made a ton of progress on designing/blocking out Ark Medical district
  • Connected Cryo Bay area from Rebirth trailer to Ark Medical district
  • Upgraded project to Unity 5.5 for some great visual and performance improvements


  • Wrote vast quantities of item descriptions
  • Placed detailed props throughout certain areas of Garrison Security District
  • Polished visuals on Kiosk menus
  • Touched up and refined numerous materials throughout the environment


  • Created several new Unity Editor tools to aid with scene setup; they’ve already saved us a ton of time of some of the more repetitive tasks that keep coming up
  • Fixed some bugs and polished the new scene loading system
  • Did a performance-pass on hundreds of scripts throughout the project to reduce garbage collection
  • Created a generic subtitle system for use by various NPCs (if enabled in settings menu)
  • Finished first pass on Pamela’s narrative system – she is now able to appear in the world, on the player’s AARM, and it all works with the new subtitle system!
  • Rigged updated Pamela model


  • Finished texturing the new heavy armor equip-able suit
  • Working on a fancy undulating glass feature wall for the Ark Medical district


  • Improved the world’s reflection update system and reduced their performance cost
  • Fixed various bugs with the reflection systems and streamlined the backend system
  • Fixed bugs with zone detection, to ensure the player’s location is recognized properly at all times
  • Fixed bugs several buildable items
  • Started working on IVG Repair mode


  • Finished Pamela model revisions and final tweaks
  • Created facial blend shapes for Pamela; Christian will be integrating these into the dialogue system shortly!


  • Created Battery Backups and Broken Cyanotubes; these can be found throughout the work, and fixed by the player to improve Eden’s power storage and recharge rate
  • Implemented new interaction menu for inserting Cryo Cores into Cryo Bays
  • Started work on item attachment cases; weapons and attachments can spawn in these cases, and need to be hacked before the player can retrieve the item


  • Created Medical Bay, which the player can enter to heal themselves (for a cost)
  • Added new functions to Datapad:
    • Encyclopedia – this will populate with information as you explore the world, encounter enemies, items, and more
    • Statistics – tracks various player statistics throughout multiple lives (Ever wonder how many times you fell to your death? Now you know!)
    • Datalog – a journal that records your activity per life; tracks when you eat, sleep, fight, and more

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.