November 18, 2016 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 58 – We built this city

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to our weekly Dev Blog!

Once again it has been a great week in terms of progress and also a very, very exciting one. First off, there has been even more content created, as per usual, and some welcome spit and polish but we’ve also started a big push towards tracking and getting rid of pesky bugs! Combined with some major optimisation and stabilisation, all of this has been done in order to push out a new build of the game for all of us to play!!!

Of course, we’ve been doing these things all along but as we’ve recently integrated a literal ton of new content, systems, features and in-game areas into the game, this is the most complete build we’ve ever had! Its been a tough going for all the developers here especially as this has meant a lot of fixes and testing and rebuilding. But, we are finally on the cusp of being able to play and test a surprisingly complete version of the game. Jealous much? :)

Anyway, here’s what everybody was up to this week in more detail:


  • Finalized architectural modelling of Garrison Security District
  • Huge pass on integrating new gameplay systems in main scene
  • Lots of bug hunting and testing
  • Discovered a way of making game performance like 10,000 times better. Witchcraft or something
  • Promised me a build of the game. Any minute now….


  • QA pass on all in-game items
  • Doubled resolution of all icons in the game
  • Polished some shields
  • Created a new mode for the IVG entitled “repair mode”. I’ll let you guess what that does…


  • Rigged a new boss-type female NPC
  • Created core code for Pamela narrative system
  • Various bug fixing
  • Lots of work on integration
  • Evaded the police
  • Created system to improve loading screens
  • Got his cat repaired


  • Finally texturing the heavy armor suit
  • Took some time out to finalize the animation for the Cryo Station. Which is like a year old…
  • Started experimenting with some cool new environmental textures in my spare time, so keep an eye out for those in-game
  • Stuck a new GTX 1070 in my machine! Lucky me :)


  • Currently frolicking around Disney World Orlando


  • Finished a lovely set of storage containers
  • Re-made Pamelas clothing with the power of Marvellous Designer!
  • Also revised some of her proportions and features. But inner beauty is what really matters


  • Bug hunting project integration
  • Create a ton of vendor and repair items.


  • Created augment system
  • Finished menu for augment station!