November 11, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 57 – Dreams Do Come True!

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. It’s a good thing I have this Dev Blog handy here with me…

The dev team is coming up to an exciting couple of weeks here as some long-awaited features are starting to be created! Many of these features have been planned for well over a year, if not longer, so you can imagine how excited we are to see these dreams becoming a reality. The first of which are random and timed events that James has made some stellar progress on this week. So far you can expect to see riots break out, power outages that you’ll have to investigate, security lock-downs you’ll probably want to avoid and of course the constant depletion of things like food, drinks and energy from Eden as its inhabitants nibble away at its supplies. All put together, these events will help keep the game fresh, the world dynamic and the difficulty ever-increasing. And more events will be created next week, and further in the future as well!

This week we’ve also done an integration pass on many of the new features and systems that have been created in the previous weeks. This essentially means getting all of these new things out of our test scenes and into the game, ready to be played! Ian made some great progress tracking down some nasty bugs that were clinging like velcro and made a sweet new system that will allow us to have more precise reflections with a much lower cost than before. James on the other hand implemented his new spawning/respawning system and many more features into the main scene as well.

That sure sounds like a lot of stuff… But what’s this? There’s more?!


  • Finished the “High Security Rehabilitation” area inside the Garrison district
  • Started and finished “Low Security Rehabilitation” area inside Garrison
  • Started and finished the “Armory” inside Garrison


  • Continued menu polish on Main Menu, Respawn Menu, Genome Point Menu & Options Menu
  • Wrote in-game descriptions of Augment skills and Spawn locations


  • Finished the first pass on enabling the NPCs to attack player bases


  • Finished the high-poly sculpt of the heavy armor suit, which can be worn by NPCs and the player


  • Continued the integration pass from last week, making sure that everyone’s new features were working well together
  • Created a system to drastically reduce the number of reflection probes drawing in the scene, while allowing us to use more of them at the same time… mind freak
  • Did a bunch of bug hunting / slaying on some really hard to track down items


  • Finished damaged environmental pieces, will be used for upcoming “World Repair”
  • Modeled Cyano-tube Repair kit item
  • Started creating Storage Container buildable items, a place to store all of your stuff


  • Created a bunch of random / timed events:
    • Riots
    • Power Outages
    • District Lock-downs
    • Item Scarcity System (items slowly dwindle from the world as other occupants consume them)
  • Integrated the new spawning/respawning system into the main scene


  • Finished buildable interaction menu, used for certain props such as hydroponic farms and water condensers
  • Integrated the Options Menu into the Pause Menu, as well as the Main Menu

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.