November 4, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 56 – You Break it, you Fix it

Welcome back for another episode of the ol’ devblog! It’s been another busy week, with some pretty exciting new items and systems being integrated that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Let’s dive into it!

Christian has implemented some cool new combat mechanics; you can now be staggered by strong attacks, making our beefy enemies even more dangerous. Enemies can also now block your attacks, which combined with their ability to dodge and maneuver makes them pretty tough to get hits on; we think you’ll have a ton of fun learning their patterns and mastering the flow of combat. Another super exciting feature Christian is starting on is adding the ability for enemies to attack your base, meaning that you’ll need to install defenses and traps to keep yourself safe behind your walls. If your walls are destroyed, they’ll have to be repaired before they function again.

Another exciting new aspect of the game that’s being fleshed out is “World Improvement” (for lack of a better term!); this system allows you to improve Eden’s power capacity and efficiency by repairing damaged items in the world, meaning you’ll be able to keep the power on for longer periods of time as you repair your environment. As power is required to use several important things (store kiosks, lights, elevators, PAMELA abilities, etc) you will definitely want to do your best to upgrade these items for maximum survivability.

We’ve also made some great progress on the environment, as Adam get closer and closer to finishing off the massive Garrison Security District. You’ll get lost in this place for sure, but there will be some great loot to find to make it worth it.

But wait, there’s more! Check out the full list below:


  • Made a ton of progress on Garrison “High Security Rehabilitation” area
  • Created several new environmental materials
  • Created several new player animations for staggering and stomp attack


  • Continued menu polish from last week, including: PAMELA Skill Tree, Map, Datapad, IVG, Build Menu, Hacking Menu, Loot Menu, Sleep Menu, Radial Menu, and Inventory..


  • Implemented NPC blocking
  • Implemented player stunning/staggering when being hit by a strong impact
  • Implemented player “stomp” attack
  • Started work on AI logic for NPCs attacking the player’s base


  • Modelling heavy armor suit, which can be worn by NPCs and the player


  • Finished implementing Quest/Repair menu
  • Applied Buildable Item Info menus to all buildable props
  • Started a major pass on integrating new features into Master Scene


  • Finished modelling Battery-Backup prop that can be repaired by the player to improve world power capacity
  • Finished modelling damaged wall panel props that can be repaired by the player to improve world power efficiency


  • Implemented Water Condensor buildable functionality
  • Overhauled loot spawning system for increased flexibility
  • Started work on World Events systems


  • Finished options menu, including keybinding menu
  • Started work on buildable interaction menu, used for certain props such as hydroponic farms and water condensors

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.