October 21, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 54 – Don’t Anger Security

Welcome back dear reader to another installment of the Friday Dev Blog! Continuing the trend, new content keeps rolling in at insane speeds and there’s lots to share!

In the art department this week, we’ve seen two new buildable items created which will be super useful when you’re creating your little safe havens, the Solar Accumulator and the Water Condenser. The first one recharges Ion Cores using the sun’s energy so some strategy will have to go into placement when creating your bases if you’d like to use this item. One the plus, you now have a carefree way of getting energy to your base, but you will only be able to use this where the sun hits. The other item acts like a dehumidifier, extracting water from the air so you can fill your canteens. In the environment side of things, Adam continues to make awesome progress creating new areas in the Garrison security district.

The development team also saw some excellent progress this week! Christian has been creating all of the AI functionality for the security robots, the Seekers and Observers. They will be able to arrest you if you’re caught breaking the laws of Eden and go full blown Pacification Mode if you’re on the super naughty list. Over in Ian’s world, the radial menu has been completely revamped to be easier to read, snappier to use and is just better over all. With respawning, you can now select where you want to spawn in (provided you’ve unlocked the area) and Cryo Core items, which are kind of like extra lives, are almost complete.

The last point of cool news is our very first VISR item has been completed! These are basically different UI’s that you can find around the world and equip. Each one will serve different purposes and give you readouts of various information.

Here’s the lowdown on this week’s details:


  • Fully finished the large Mess Hall area within Garrison Security District
  • Continued blocking out several new areas in Garrison


  • Created some environment paint overs
  • Integrated a few new props
  • Starting to do the final polish pass on all of the player menus


  • Heavily fleshing out Security robot AI & functionality (will continue into next week)
  • Integrated all of the new seeker animations
  • Starting to created security response event system


  • Created a new buildable item, the Solar Accumulator which recharges Ion Cores (Praise the Sun)
  • Created another buildable item, the Water Condenser which generates drinkable water over time


  • Completely revamped the radial menu
  • Fixed a few errors related to player input
  • Implemented some new input functionality on the radial menus
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to jitter while riding in elevators


  • Modeled a new environmental character, the JAN1-TR (it keeps Eden nice and clean)
  • Created new Compute Cell item which will unlock PAMELA abilities


  • Created functionality for selectable spawn points
  • Integrated Cryo Core item functionality which essentially gives you more lives
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that were occuring during respawning (like both of your legs instantly breaking)


  • Got a bunch of things working with Saving and Loading (Store Kiosks, Document Devices & Datapad Menu)
  • Created our very first VISR item!
  • Solved some menu scaling issues for different aspect ratio screens

Well that’s it for this week folks! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you again next week.


About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.