October 14, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 53 – Mini-Map, World Building, and much more

Thus ends another loaded week here at NVYVE Studios! We’ve finished up some long-running tasks (Christian is glad to be done the huge inventory/equipment/loadout mega-menu overhaul), as well as integrated some exciting new abilities and items.

Adam finished up (well, mostly) the large Mess hall area within the ever expanding Garrison Security District, and began blocking out the lower levels of this district. We haven’t shown anything from this new area thus far, so stay tuned for some possible teasers in the coming months!

Alayna designed a whole swath of new UI elements for upcoming items and build-ables, and began the planning stage of our tutorial systems. We’re pretty excited about the concept behind our tutorial system, which we want to keep a surprise for when you first play the game. 😉

Christian is thrilled to be finished our huge mega-menu overhaul, which integrated several previous menus into one slick, intuitive screen. We love the new system and we think you guys will as well. Ian finished up a new PAMELA ability that gives you the option to do some serious burst damage, and fixed a few nagging bugs on the player controller.

James made some great progress towards re-integrating the mini-map functionality and importing some newly created map geometry. It’s exciting to have this feature being properly slotted in again, and will be a great aid towards exploring and discovering the complex architecture of Eden.

Last but definitely not least, Patrick and Mathew finished up a terrifying new character and a set of place-able trap items, respectively. We can’t wait until these are integrated, and this new character is stalking us through Eden.

As always, here’s the point by point breakdown:


  • Finished (mostly) the large Mess Hall area within Garrison Security District
  • Began blocking out lower levels within Garrison within Garrison Security District


  • Created new icons for upgraded versions of certain items
  • Began planning out tutorial systems
  • Created UI elements for upcoming build-able items
  • Created new, easier to read ammo counter for certain weapons
  • Worked on enhancing various NPC textures


  • Finished new inventory/equipment/loadout mega menu
  • Re-implemented dye support into new equipment menu
  • Began work on enhancing Seeker (security droids) AI and behaviors


  • Finished a new unannounced Afflicted character; can’t wait to get this one implemented!


  • Finished Enhance PAMELA ability visual effects and functionality
  • Fixed some various bugs on the player character controller


  • Finished modelling several place-able traps that can be used to defend the player’s base from hostiles
  • Rigged and animated place-able traps


  • Created inventory upgrade slot items
  • Re-integrating mini-map functionality
  • Imported new chunks of low-poly mini-map geometry


  • Finished “Data Reader” menu (when the player interacts with laptops, datapad)
  • Implemented scrolling list within the Dye selection menu
  • Began implementing saving and loading functionality on the Datapad menu

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.