October 7, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 52 – Telling the Story

A wild Friday has appeared! Let’s welcome it with Dev Blog #52.

If you missed the big announcement last week, we posted our new launch date for February 2017! We’re super excited about how much better the game will be when it hits the public because of this extra time and from reading your feedback from last week, you feel the same way too. We’re just going to continue on with powering through developing all this content and keep our regular format updates coming.

For this week’s development highlight, our lore systems have started to take shape this week! This first step is in the form of lore entries which can be found in items around the world such as Data Tablets and Laptops. These entries will then be entered into your Datapad menu for you to revisit at any time. You will find things like emails, instant messages, broadcasts, journals and more from the citizens before and during the downfall of Eden 052.

In other news, Adam has finished modeling quite a large area of Garrison, the Barracks. This should be a pretty interesting place to explore and acquire loot from and it’s underground! Alayna planned out some awesome events world that will be worked on in the near future and Ian has been creating some awesome PAMELA abilities.

To our fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving this weekend! Our holiday falls on the Monday so next week will be a bit shorter than usual.

And here’s this week’s breakdown:


  • Finished creating the Barracks area within Garrison, the security district
  • Modeled a few extra pieces of UI that were needed for the inventory menu


  • Planned out, in detail, World Upgrade Events as well as Random and Timed Events
  • Created concepts for ‘Junk’ items (will be able to recycled for Lux, our currency, and used for fixing broken things in the environment)
  • Finished off a lot of loose ends on menus
  • Gave the radial menu an overhaul, has been simplified and now looks a lot cleaner


  • The end finally draws near for completing the new inventory / equipment mega-menu. Should be completed early next week.


  • Finished sculpting a new, more rare, unannounced character
  • Completed the low-poly mesh and started texturing it


  • Created and finished PAMELA Discharge ability (huge air blast)
  • Started creating the Enhance PAMELA Ability


  • Continued work on modeling geometry for mini-map
  • Created animations for buildable turret
  • Started modeling some placeable traps


  • Created new Repercussive Shield (reflects a percentage of incoming melee damage)
  • Created new Vanishing Shield (has a chance to make the player invisible for a short amount of time)
  • Created a Cloaking effect which will be used on the shield as well as a few other places in the future


  • Got as far as we can go on the Datapad menu (needs some more systems made for it to pull information from)
  • Created Data Tablets and Laptops which you’ll be able to find lore in several formats
  • Created Data Reader menu for reading said lore
  • Created a system for people to easily write lore and have it propagate throughout the world

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.