September 23, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 50 – Pamela Abilities, Store Kiosks, and More

Welcome to the 50th P.A.M.E.L.A. dev blog from the team here at NVYVE Studios! It’s been a nice sense of routine for us to put these together each friday, and we do hope that you all enjoy checking in every week!

This has been another solid week, with everyone accomplishing some great work (except for Adam and Alayna, who were super sick and in quarantine most of the week… but are now recovered!). We’ve finished up our huge sprint of mo-cap work, which is kind of a huge relief as there was quite a large list to work through. To provide a highly dynamic combat experience, each NPC has almost 200 unique animations for movement, attacking, dodging, being hurt, retreating, etc. The number of animations we’ve done for these new characters is roughly twice the amount we used to record, which means less repetition and much more organic reactions to the player.

In art news, Mathew finished up a huge batch of awesome high-detail props for the Garrison security area, which will go a long way towards fleshing out the area’s military feel. Patrick finished up a datapad model, which will be scattered throughout the world and contain lore for the player to track down, as well as almost finishing a few new shield models the player will be able to equip. Good stuff!

The programming team made some huge progress this week as well; several Pamela abilities have been implemented, store Kiosks for buying items have been created, and more which you can read through below.

Here’s the ol’ itemized breakdown for the week:


  • Was sick :(
  • Supervised some mo-cap shooting
  • Tested out several new post-processing effects for potential performance improvements


  • Was sick :(
  • Acted out mo-cap animations for a new Afflicted-type character
  • Mo-cap file cleanup for new character


  • Mo-cap shooting for several new characters, as well as some revisions on previous animations
  • Implemented new inventory menu


  • Finished data tablet model
  • Almost finished 2 new shield attachment models


  • Finished work on Pamela “Guidance” Ability
  • Started work on Pamela “Barrier” Ability


  • Finished a huge batch of Garrison props


  • Implemented several new consumable items
  • Began work on “Limb” system for crippling/breaking bones


  • Created Kiosk store menu, to allow item purchasing from kiosk props
  • Started work on Datapad menu

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.