September 9, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 48 – Buildin’ On Up

Hey everyone and welcome back to another dev blog!

This week was a bit of a short one due to Labour Day here in Canada, but we still managed to get lots of awesome stuff done. Continuing the trend of the last few weeks, mocap and animation work is again the highlight of this week. We’ll be continuing to shoot one day of mocap each week until the end of this month. By the end of that we should have every animation needed, even for future characters! We shot two unannounced characters this time around… so I guess that’s all I’m allowed to say at this point….*cough*

Elsewhere in the office many other things have been worked on and completed. Our huge texture optimization overhaul is finally complete, some character modeling was finished, sleeping in buildable beds is now finished and our ‘Build Mode’ is nearing completion. There was certainly more than that done so read on to get the full rundown!


  • Acted during this week’s mocap shoot
  • Trimmed hundreds of animations inside Unity
  • Made some progress on modelling and designing Garrison, the security district.


  • Constructed new Inventory and Datapad menus in the engine
  • Implemented newly optimized emission textures for sweet  VRAM gains
  • Cleaned up mocap data


  • Finished rigging the heavier afflicted character models from last week
  • Programmed the status bars (hunger, energy, thirst, hunger) to work on the newly overhauled AARM menu
  • Recorded full animation sets for future, unannounced characters
  • Started to implement the new heavier afflicted characters into the engine


  • Completed randomized bone growth models for heavier afflicted characters


  • Nearing completion of Build Mode IVG!
  • Organized and categorized items for build mode menu
  • Implemented quick selecting and placement of buildable items
  • Fixed numerous bugs and issues with this new system


  • Finished the emission texture optimizations
  • Created a ton of props for Garrison


  • Wrote a ton of internal documentation for many of our major systems


  • Finished creating Glyph items
  • Finished both the sleep menu and functionality

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.