September 2, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 47 – Character Progression, Building Improvements, and more

Another week comes to a close, and another chunk of items checked off the ol’ to-do list for the NVYVE Studios team. We’ve been keeping up some great momentum on integrating a few significant usability improvements, as well as new features and items.

It’s getting difficult to summarize everything concisely as there’s such a wide range of work being finished each week! Some of the highlights from this week would definitely have to be new mo-cap animations being recorded, new working bed item, further work on the “build mode” feature, and our Genome point upgrading system. Build mode and Genome points are particularly exciting, as they allow you to create/reorganize your base much more easily, and upgrade your character between subsequent playthroughs, respectively.

The new animations for the Seeker droids are also looking great, we’re much happier with the robotic feel this time around compared with the older batch. Can’t wait to get these implemented.

Let’s take a look at this week’s breakdown:


  • Fixed some shader/material errors that were causing builds to be corrupted (bad!)
  • Continued work on Garrison security district exterior redesign
  • Designing upper surface level of Garrison


  • Cleaned up hundreds of mo-cap files
  • Optimizing textures for prop objects
  • Reassembling optimized menus from last week


  • Rigged several new NPC models
  • Integrated new optimized menus from Alayna
  • Recorded animations for robotic Seeker security droids


  • Mo-cap acting for Seeker security droids
  • Almost finished up randomized bone growth models


  • Further work on build mode IVG, implementing base scanning feature, as well as quick placement feature
  • Implemented new optimzed prop models for major texture savings


  • Continued modelling detail props for Garrison security district
  • Created some shiny new environment materials


  • Finished Genome point collection, purchasing, and saving


  • Finished bed item and sleep menu
  • Started work on Glyph items, which can be equipped to gain special bonuses

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.