August 26, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 46 – That bone wasn’t there yesterday…

Welcome back to another Friday and another dev blog!

This week Patrick rejoined the team, back from his adventures across the Atlantic ocean. The boat ‘S.S. Progress’ is still going full speed ahead, especially with our additional crew member, James, who we introduced last week. The headline of this week’s work would definitely be some heavier afflicted NPC characters that are very close to being inside the game engine. More mocap has been shot (close to 300 takes) for this new enemy and next week they will be rigged, skinned, tossed into the engine and by the end of the week should even be trying to kill you!

The rework of all the in-world menus is still in progress, but so far looks very promising! If you missed it last week, Alayna is drastically reducing the number of textures we had for all of the menus (the VRAM thanks you), as well as some major changes in the layout of a few menus which truly makes for a much more streamlined and pleasant experience.

More items for base building are being created and implemented, saving and loading is now a very real thing and the IVG “Build Mode” is becoming cooler literally by the hour.

Let’s take a look at this week’s breakdown:


  • Integrated an older area of environment geometry (from our Rebirth trailer) into the world.
  • Remodeled almost all of the in-game UI objects to work with Alayna’s new menu rework


  • Assembled all of the new GUI models in Unity
  • Finished GUI texture overhaul
  • Created concept and texture sheet for Datapad menu


  • Finished up the generic combat behavior improvements that have been ongoing
  • Recorded a full new set of mocap data for some heavier afflicted NPCs
  • Improvements to NPC path finding


  • Back from vacation
  • Almost finished creating some awesome looking modular bone growth pieces for the afflicted characters
  • Became the next Andy Serkis (was the actor for this week’s mocap shoot, mentioned earlier)


  • Continued development on the new “Build Mode” for the IVG. This will give base building a much better workflow.
  • Fixed some bugs that were occurring with some buildable items
  • Added scrolling functionality to the loot menu
  • Created scan ‘pulse’ to show detailed information about buildable objects in your base


  • Modeled, textured, rigged and animated (wowzers!) a buildable beacon item.
  • Tweaked a few things on the bed buildable item
  • Started creating props for the upcoming Garrison security area


  • Polishing up loading screens to give them some extra flavour
  • Started implementing features for the Genome Point menu. These points can be placed in to various stats which are kept through playthroughs.


  • Created sleep menu for the buildable bed
  • Started to create logic for what happens when you sleep

About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.