June 24, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 38 – Dye! Dye! Dye!

Welcome back reader! Aren’t Friday’s to dye for?

This week marks the end of our current sprint, and colour me impressed, we accomplished 98% of what we wanted to! Next week there won’t be a dev blog as we’re all taking next week off for some much needed vacation time, but fear not, we’ll be right back at it the following week.


Today we wanted to show off some of the awesome new equipment customization that we’ve been working on. The GIF above showcases just a sprinkle of the dyes you will find scattered across Eden. These dyes, once found and consumed, will be unlocked permanently even through multiple playthroughs. There will be kind of a ridiculous amount of them to find so good luck finding the same one Jimmy from across the street found.

In other news, we’ve got another warehouse!


This means we’ll be setting the mocap studio back up (today actually) and sometime in July we’ll be completely re-recording the NPC animations that we’ve been wanting to do for so long. There will be much more impactful and visceral combat once we’re done the next round of animations and we’ll definitely show some off when the time comes.

And now the breakdown of exactly what went down this week:


  • The quest for more world continues! Created robotics lab and showroom
  • Continued work on outdoor courtyard Oasis (when will it end!?)


  • Continued work on adding dye support to weapons and equipment
  • Polished weapon textures
  • Imported and started polishing new player character model and his textures


  • Drastically improved camera animations for melee combat
  • Improved head bob on camera
  • Programmed working dye system and dye item
  • Fixed some bugs on the player character
  • Increased running speed as well as stamina cost
  • Optimized the NPC hit boxes for performance


  • Finished modeling and is now texturing a new heavily-Afflicted character (he looks disgusting)


  • Finishing off alternate fire and special abilities on several weapons
  • Added rage and sleep darts for the Subversor
  • Created AOE system that will be used for multiple weapon FX


  • Finished modeling new melee weapon and is now texturing it


  • Created new NPC spawning system
  • Created population managers that will keep track of all the NPCs in the world
  • Finishing up connecting the spawning menu to the game
  • Starting to get player profiles ready for saving

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Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.