June 17, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 37 – Equipment Customization and Alternate Fire

Happy friday, dear reader! Another week, another solid chunk of progress across the board.

We’ve been hard at work adding alternate fires to our existing weapons, which will essentially give every weapon 2 different modes or abilities you’ll be able to use on the fly. We’re really excited about the options that this will open for you in combat; since you’re able to equip 2 weapons at once, you’ll have 4 unique attack types available at all times.

Also in the works this week is some more progress on weapon and equipment dyeing. You’ll be able to find and unlock a huge variety of rare dye modules in P.A.M.E.L.A., that are saved even between deaths so you’ll be able to keep using that awesome rare skin you found on that last run. Next week we’ll post a few of the skins we’re currently working on, check back soon!

Also in the works this week – a new, heavily infected Afflicted model, a new melee weapon, and spawning menu UI. Stay tuned for more updates on these down the road!


Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each team member’s week:


  • More progress on central exterior area, Oasis – will show some progress on this soon when we’re ready!


  • Continued work on adding dye support to weapons and equipment
  • Imported and configured loot box items
  • Created and imported many new item icons


  • Tons of optimization work on NPCs
  • Finished core restructuring of AI systems, allowing greater flexibility in the future; all existing NPCs have been updated to the new system
  • Added new behaviors to NPC, such as fleeing and defending


  • Began high poly sculpt of new heavily-Afflicted character


  • Finished implementing some new buildable items
  • Created alternate-fire functionality for existing weapons
  • Created alternate-fire AOE effect for Arc Welder weapon


  • Started on new melee force-based weapon


  • Finished respawn menu
  • Started work on new NPC spawning system to ensure a balanced amount of NPCs are present in the player’s area

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.