June 10, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 36 – Exterior Environments and Performance Gains

It’s been another busy week for the NVYVE Studios team! We’ve finished a bunch of meaty tasks that have been keeping us busy, in most cases resulting in pretty major performance gains. Our AI systems in particular have been massively improved, which means we’ll be able to fit many more characters on-screen than we were able to before. Should result in some nice team fights between factions; we’ll post more on that later!

We also made some great progress on the art side of things; we’ve greatly expanded Oasis – the main exterior area in Eden, added some new weapon boxes, created new utility attachments, and added dye support to a ton of items! You’ll be able to find different dye modules within Eden to customize your AARM and attachments with a ton of different color schemes.

Oh, and here’s hacking a locked container!


Here’s the breakdown of what we’ve all been working on:


  • Made a ton of progress modelling the exterior courtyard area, Oasis, including several small stores and some larger POIs to discover


  • Touched up weapon and equipment textures across the board
  • Added dye support to almost all existing weapons and items


  • Finished restructuring AI systems to for drastic performance improvements – this means we’ll be able to simulate many more characters on screen to really bring the world to life!
  • Implemented AI threat system – characters can now be intimidated and flee from other more powerful characters!


  • Finished restructuring all weapon and prop animations for improved performance


  • Finished reimporting and restructuring weapon and props from Patrick and Mathew for improved performance and usability


  • Finished creating equipment loot cases
  • Finished first batch of utility attachments – the player will be able to find and equip these to gain extra abilities in exploration and combat
  • Finished restructuring weapon and prop animations for improved performance


  • Finished implementing security bypass items – the player can use these to assist in hacking difficult locks
  • Implemented first stage of zone based culling system, for huge performance gains on top of Unity’s built in culling system

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.