May 20, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 33 – Weapon upgrading, Hacking, and more…

Happy long-weekend to our fellow Canadian readers! Monday is a holiday for us so the team will be getting a little extra relaxation over the weekend. So this week, once again, has been filled with tons of progress with finishing up a lot of the areas of development that weren’t fully completed before. As we mentioned in our previous few blogs, from now until the end of June we’re doing a ‘completion pass’ where we revisit areas of the game that haven’t been finished yet and polish them off.

Here’s what we’ve managed to finish up this week! –


  • Continued work on exterior courtyard area
  • Started looking into upgrading project to Unity 5.4
  • Finishing up the steam ‘coming soon’ page
  • Modelled a few ‘gadget’ items


  • Concepted various player equipment items
  • Created concepts for a few gadget items
  • Designed based weapon and upgrade statistics
  • Created first concept for VISR UI item


  • Completely trashed the loadout menu and reworked it to be much more user-friendly
  • Created new upgrade cell items that will be used for weapon and utility upgrading
  • Started to work on the ability to spend upgrade cells to upgrade weapons and utilities


  • Finished modeling and texturing our new medical-inspired weapon
  • Started creating some small utility items


  • Finished implementing item popup details when looking at an item in the world
  • Lots of random performance optimizations


  • Modelled and textured updrade cell item
  • Started and finished compression upgrade item
  • Created hacking module item
  • Rigging for some older buildable items


  • Finished creating player upgrade menu
  • Started working on our hacking mini-game

That’s all this week folks. Next week we’ll have a small, but exciting announcement so be sure to check back next Friday… or else…



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Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.