May 13, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 32 – More Polishing, Menus, and Weapons

Happy friday, dear reader! Another week is coming to a close and as always, we’ve made a nice dent in the ol’ to-do list. As Christian wrote last week, we’re circling back on some half-implemented menus, features, etc. and polishing them up to get them all up to snuff. At times it can be easy to get something 75% finished, then move on to the next exciting new feature before closing up all of the loose ends first. Thankfully we’re able to set aside some time to take care of this now, rather than pressing on and risking some of these things being forgotten about until down the line!

So, here’s what we’ve been up to this week-


  • Finished up modelling a new major area, which is now ready for props and details to be added
  • Started re-formatting the old Cryo Clinic area to be re-integrated into the current level design
  • Upgraded project to Unity 5.3.4, which actually fixed some major lag spike issues we were having!


  • Re-designed the loadout menu for better legibility
  • Created concepts for all utility AARM attachments
  • Finished creating kiosk shopping menu
  • Further designed weapon upgrading process, including statistics for all weapons


  • Fixed camera micro-stutter
  • Automated containers and item spawning system, making it much easier to add or change item placements
  • Cleaned up some old plug-ins from the project
  • Reworked loadout menu based on Alayna’s new concept


  • Modeled new medical-inspired weapon
  • Rigged and animated some remaining weapons and props


  • Refining resonance effects, which increase in intensity as AARM resonance builds up
  • Created system to create various resonance effects on different weapons
  • Implemented sounds to correspond with the resonance effects


  • Just about finished a new defensive build-able item, can’t wait for this one to get implemented


  • Finished implementing the new pause menu
  • Started working on character upgrading menu
  • Started working on respawn menu

That’s it for this week. We’ve already got some pretty exciting stuff lined up to work on next week, so check back with us in seveeeen dayyyyyys!


About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.