May 6, 2016 Christian

Dev Blog 31 – We’ve Collected Another Soul

Hey everyone!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added a new member here at NVYVE Studios, growing the team size to 7.  Our new developer, Stephen, will be helping out with gameplay programming and will certainly help with crafting P.A.M.E.L.A. to be the game we’ve envisioned.

There’s been a ton of planning done this last week, mapping the coming months. More excitingly we’ve made some serious progress on a few areas, so read on to find out what everyone’s been up to:


  • Continued work on modeling a new major environmental area
  • Modeled a few new player menus (loadout & equipment)
  • Tweaked some player combat animations


  • Redesigned shopping kiosk menu
  • Created respawn menu
  • Created concepts for misc. items
  • Fleshed out concepts for weapons, utilities and their upgrades


  • Further work on loadout menu
  • Added ragdolls to all existing NPC characters (hehe…. they’re so much fun)
  • Created the base code structure for weapon upgrading to exist


  • Finished remaking the player character
  • Rigged a ton of props which will allow us to squeeze out some better performance


  • Added resonance features to weapons
  • Added force to weapons
  • Polished up shield bash
  • Implemented basic Utility functionality
  • Created placeholder utilities
  • Debugged some major scene bloating and fixed it


  • Finished modeling a new weapon (I can’t wait for this one)
  • Currently modeling a new buildable item that will help defend your bases
  • Also rigged a bunch of older props


  • Joined the team (yay!)
  • Added pause functionality
  • Started the first steps into creating P.A.M.E.L.A. abilities
  • Refactored some player code to make our lives easier and reduce chances for bugs to exist
  • Currently creating the pause menu

Looking back, that’s some major progress in the last two weeks and we’re going to be keeping this pace up. The goal from here is to polish up everything we’ve been creating so that everything we’ve created so far is actually completed. It’s definitely going to be an exciting few months before we launch, so make sure to keep checking back for updates!


About the Author

Christian Christian is the Lead Developer at NVYVE Studios.