April 22, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 30 – New Weapons, UI, and Input Support

Hey you, it’s been awhile! The team has been super focused and productive after returning from GDC last month, so productive in fact that we’ve forgotten about dev blogs in the midst of getting a ton of new stuff done. As I said in the last post we had an awesome time at GDC, and more importantly, people had an awesome time playing P.A.M.E.L.A. at the show. It’s always a strange mix of excitement and trepidation when watching someone playing your game, but thankfully people seemed to truly enjoy it!

Without any further adieu, here’s what we’ve been up to of late:


  • Tons of level design work an a new area… only one bullet point but it’s a big one!


  • Designed and built several new UI menus, including loadouts, upgrading, and more
  • Fleshed out design and planning work on a ton of new weapons, attachments, utility items, upgrades… the list goes on
  • Balancing and organizing the upgrade and progressions systems we have in place


  • Implemented equipment and loadout menus
  • Working on pause functionality (strangely harder than you’d think it would be)
  • Created base saving/loading functionality


  • Modelled, textured, and animated a new stealth-based weapon
  • Reworked the player character model to have improved detail and better animation deformation


  • Dramatically improved usability of various input methods- it is now possible to swap between mouse and keyboard on the fly, with both methods working smoothly – no backing out to a menu to switch to a different input device!
  • Created base functionality for equipping and using utility attachments
  • Implemented power attacks for melee combat – attacks can now be charged for more damage and knockback
  • Implemented shield bashing
  • Fixed some bugs with jumping acting strangely in some cases


  • Modeled and textured a placeable bed item – now you can sleep through the night in your base rather than huddling in fear :)
  • Modeled and textured a new, fairly aggressive weapon

That’s it for now, back to it. Stay tuned for more updates as we march closer to release!


About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.