April 1, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 29 – GDC Recap and Alpha Gameplay

Happy friday! It’s been awhile since our latest post, between GDC prep, GDC itself, and recuperating after GDC… so now’s a good time to recap the last few crazy weeks!


Compared with last year, we had a pretty big showing at GDC this year. The week started off with the MIX (Media Indie Exchange) at IGN’s offices in San Francisco! We were super excited to be selected to present PAMELA at this great event which gives Indie devs a great opportunity to show their games off to press and fellow developers.

MIX Booth

As a side note, the IGN offices are amazing. Stepping off the elevator this is the first thing you see:

DS IGN Statue

The office was full of statues like this, and all of the desks were literally covered in figures and swag. We were a tad jealous. :) Overall the MIX event was a ton of fun, and was a great way to kick off our week at GDC and get warmed up for the craziness to come.

The Setup

During the rest of the week, we were showing PAMELA at both GDC Play and at the Unity Booth. This was our first time putting together our own booth from the ground up, and it actually came together pretty nicely! We picked up some fancy white chairs and table covers, along with blue foam floor tiles, to match PAMELA’s sleek and colorful visual style. People seemed to love the chairs so they were definitely a worthwhile investment! Here’s a picture from the day before the the expo opened:

GDC Booth Empty

And here’s a picture of our slot of the Unity Booth, again from Tuesday before the expo was in full swing:

Unity Booth

After setup on Tuesday were were able to briefly relax before the expo opened up on Wednesday. Aside from some last minute missing-booth-crate issues (it did show up in the end!) we had a pretty smooth time setting up. With a few GDCs under our belts it’s definitely getting easier to manage!

The Expo

Wednesday to Friday was a crazy awesome blur, with probably hundreds of people coming by our booths to learn about and play the game. This GDC was the first time we’ve shown a public demo since last year’s GDC, and PAMELA’s come a long way since then. The demo we showcased was a sneak peak at the first moments of survival within Eden, as the player wakes up from cryo-sleep and finds their first few pieces of equipment, food, and weapons.

GDC 2016 Booth

Along with the demo we showed off in-person at GDC, we also created a new Alpha Gameplay Trailer to go along with the demo. This trailer shows off a small, early taste of the first few moments of the game, as well as some new combat and building mechanics. Check it out below if you haven’t already!

What’s next for us

Now that we’re all back in one piece after GDC and recovered from the conference flu, we’ve planned out our year leading up to release. At this point we’re aiming for a late summer/early fall release date on Steam, which will become a narrower window as we get closer to that time. We’ve got a ton of new content planned and in the works, such as new weapons, NPCs, items, and areas, as well as fleshing out PAMELA herself and exploring upon the tragic story of Eden. We’ve got a ton of work left to do, but things are shaping up very nicely and even in this early state people had a ton of fun exploring and surviving at GDC.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you again next week!


About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.