March 4, 2016 Patrick Walsh

Dev Blog 28 – Things are starting to heat up!

Greetings PAMELA fans! You may have noticed our absence over the last couple of weeks (we missed you guys too!) but things have finally settled down here at NVYVE Studios long enough for us to get out another awesome dev blog! And we’ve got tons of stuff to tell you about…

Firstly, as you know we were invited by the wonderful people over at Stream TV Networks to demo PAMELA on one of their amazing ULTRA-D TV Screens. And what an experience it was! Our main man Adam got some great feedback from tons of people, including some of the biggest names in the game industry. And all of this took place in what must be one of the swankiest booths we’ve ever seen! Seriously, check it out:


Looks just like PAMELA :)

Also, as many of you are aware, we’re going to be heading back to the tropical climes (compared to Canada) of San Francisco for GDC 2016! And excited we are… We’ve got a brand new demo to show the world, with new gameplay features such as melee combat, weapons, consumables, base building and not to mention some exciting new characters to interact with. And to top it all off there will be a much more expansive and detailed world than we’ve shown previously. We can’t wait to show you all what the team has been working so hard on, but for now we have one final week of bug fixes, touch-ups, tweaks, panicking, planning, preparations and poor dietary choices! So from all here at NVYVE Studios, have a great weekend, thank you for visiting our dev blog again and give a quick check below to see the minutia of what we’ve all been up to:


  • Went to Dice
  • Polished loads of environment
  • Organized and booked EVEN MORE STUFF needed for GDC
  • Took 6 million phone calls


  • Figured out booths for GDC- what we need, how it should look etc
  • Never ending set dressing. Never. Ending.
  • Audio equalisation
  • Play testing! Yay!
  • Chair origami (come see our GDC booth to find out what I’m talking about)


  • Tweaks and improvements to AI
  • Integrated a ton of sounds
  • Added 6 new Afflicted characters- yes 6!!!
  • Changed item highlight effects so they don’t look radioactive
  • Added container scanning
  • Added and tweaked some existing NPC animations
  • Improved performance. Like, a lot…
  • Set up character LODs
  • Recorded playtesting details
  • And basically fixed some really annoying bugs


  • Finished modelling new Armored Afflicted NPC including a badass looking helmet
  • Made one final Afflicted NPC character- for now
  • Created a small number of decontamination props
  • Started a rather interesting new secret weapon
  • Got to do some really cool play testing


  • Added new weapon
  • Polished up a melee weapon
  • Revamped the weapon recoil system
  • Created some super cool looking particle effects
  • Integrated audio
  • Also recorded playtesting details
  • Abandoned us all to go on a short vacation in order to have a “normal social life”. Whatever that means!


  • Finished even more cool looking decontamination stuff!
  • Cultivated some in-game plant life
  • Made some debris to scatter about the world. Which is ironic because Matt is very tidy..
  • Play testing like a boss
  • Played ball-hockey

That’s it for this week!

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in next week’s dev blog!