January 29, 2016 Adam

Dev Blog 25 – Environmental Polish, More Building, and Weapons

Happy friday! We’ve had another very productive week, making some excellent progress in adding more life and personality to Eden. We’ve added a variety of new props to further flesh out the different spaces, such as shopping carts and accessories in stores, and missing person posters throughout the world. These small elements really do wonders to push the believably of each area, and are also a lot of fun to add as they’re a bit more mindless than say, designing a new area of scratch. :)

We’ve also made a bunch of progress elsewhere, finishing up some building mechanics, reworking some weapon systems, and adding some new NPC types. Last but not least, we’ve been working with the fine folks at The Otherworld Agency, who are creating some seriously awesome SFX for PAMELA, and Jeff van Dyck, who composed our Rebirth Trailer theme and is working on some amazing new music that we’ll be showing off around GDC. Very exciting all around, we can’t wait to share it all with you guys soon!

Oh and we’re pretty sure our website has been under attack for the last week, which we’re sorted out now. So, apologies if you tried to visit us and the site was down!


  • Modeled some missing person/warning posters
  • Tweaked post processing effects to create a more natural look while still maintaining eeriness in dark spaces
  • Added several new floors in the residential tower
  • Made travel arrangements for GDC, sorted out miscellaneous boring-but-necessary things to make our GDC experience run smoothly!


  • Worked on more marketing material for GDC
  • Finished a badass booth design for GDC Play
  • Created a ton of textures for missing person posters, warning posters, and miscellaneous banners to fill out the world
  • Placed a bunch of new props throughout the world to improve believability of spaces


  • Sorted out website security to stop some kind of attack that (we think) was happening
  • Worked on item spawning/balancing logic
  • Polished NPC animation blending and logic for more realistic behavior
  • Added audio hooks to more events such as NPC footsteps, ambiance, etc.


  • Finished wearable shield item
  • Began modelling new armored afflicted NPC


  • Some more final polish on build-able items
  • Began work on some new weapons, including new effects and logic
  • Reworked some behind-the-scenes particle systems
  • Created a super-helpful editor script to make our lives easier in Unity


  • Finished some new build-able items that the player can use to improve their sustainability
  • Modeled a ton of miscellaneous props that were missing from various areas to fill out our spaces more organically

And that’s it for this week! We’re getting closer and closer to GDC, where we’ll be showing off some brand new footage as well as a hands-on demo for those who can make it to the event.

Have a great weekend, make sure to check back next week for another progress update!

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.