January 22, 2016 Ian McCabe

Dev Blog 24 – If you build it, they will come.

Hi everyone, I hope all of you have had a great week!

This week we have been working on a bunch of cool new things!

To start, Alayna has been creating some awesome marketing material in preparation for GDC this March. Be sure to check us out if you plan on being there. As for the game, the environments are starting to feel much more lived in as they start to be populated with various props and items. Speaking of items, we’ve also implemented some brand new build-able items that require a connection with a power source, and provide some very interesting interaction with your surrounding environment.

As always, below is a further breakdown of this weeks work.


  • Did numerous tweaks, revisions, and polish throughout the environment.
  • Created some new animations for our build-able items
  • Created effect meshes for displaying power and item activation.


  • Worked on marketing materials for GDC.
  • Designed various new context menus.
  • Designed new “secret” menu.
  • Tweaked item digitization effects.


  • Optimized movement animations.
  • Integrated new audio system.
  • Re-added footstep sounds for both player and NPC’s.
  • Further developed NPC logic.


  • modelled, mapped, and textured a new female afflicted character model.


  • Implemented Item pick up digitization effects.
  • Connected build-able items with power sources.
  • Implemented proper deployment of build-able items.
  • Tweaked and finalized the implementation of several build-able items.


  • Created various in world props to make our spaces feel more alive.
  • Worked on developing new build-able item.

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