December 4, 2015 Ian McCabe

Dev Blog 21 – Fancy Fatigue and Excellent Elevators

Good Morning everyone!

This week we’ve been working on a number of different aspects within the game. On one hand, a lot of work has been done with the player character in regards to displaying damage effects, showing remaining stamina/fatigue , and animating how the player should dodge.  On the other hand, we have been working on polishing up areas like “the Archives” and integrating an elevator system to traverse various areas within the game.

If you’d like a further breakdown of everything accomplished this week, check it out below!


  • Continued working on the Archives visual aesthetics to make it feel warm and rustic yet still sleek
  • Designed and created meshes for stamina, fatigue, and elevator UI
  • Designed and created health effect images for use within the game
  • Integrated elevator floor prefabs into the main scene and tested transportation functionality


  • Designed stamina/fatigue functionality and created graphical assets.
  • Updated inventory to have finer granularity. This makes item management much more interesting.
  • Created new icons for the inventory to account for finer granularity.


  • Implemented user interface elements for stamina and fatigue within the game
  • Integrated / began balancing stamina and fatigue with combat
  • Implemented health status image effects for displaying when the player takes damage
  • Polished player dodge movement
  • Tweaked key bindings
  • Optimized ambient light sensor


  • Created Mark 1 of the shield emitter
  • Started modelling a number of high poly lootable containers


  • Added hold/flashing state to the elevator button controls
  • Modified the elevator movement between floors to be smoother
  • Developed and connected more elevator UI such as up/down arrows and what current floor the elevator is on
  • Developed generic object button menu within the universal menu to be used for various interactive objects


  • Tweaked and finished modular emergency staircase sets
  • Started modelling a number of liquid consumable objects.

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Ian McCabe
Ian McCabe Ian is a Programmer and Developer at NVYVE Studios.