November 30, 2015 Alayna

Dev Blog 20 – We Be Shieldn’

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We are a bit late this week, having worked on Saturday to keep up with the latest crunch. Last week we made huge progress with the combat system; shields, dodging, and some satisfying unarmed melee has sparked a competition in the office to see who can beat up more afflicted before being taken down! So far Adam has the high score, but that wont be for long!

Here’s what else we’ve all been up to-


  • Created new player spawn area in Arcadia
  • Integrated in some creepy maintenance areas
  • Added a new area called the Archives


  • Updated the Inventory graphics
  • Integrated ambient light sensing GUI materials
  • Updated Radial Menu graphics


  • Further tweaks on unarmed melee combat
  • Created first holo shield and integrated it into combat
  • Added player ability to dodge
  • Integrated a ton of Ali’s menu fixes
  • Overhauled light probe placement script


  • Got married, celebrations!
  • Modeled our second buildable prop, the Power Emitter
  • Modeled Ion Power Core and Energy Cell


  • Integrated the universal menu with elevator controls
  • Programmed elevator to take in multiple floor inputs and travel between floors
  • Connected elevator menu variables to UI display
  • Refactored some interactive object scripts


  • Finished modular maintenance prefab sets
  • Created the modular emergency staircase prefab sets

About the Author

Alayna Alayna is the Creative Director and Concept Artist at NVYVE Studios.