November 20, 2015 Adam

Dev Blog 19 – Fisticuffs and GUIs

Happy Friday, reader! We’re had another productive week, with a ton of exciting mechanics being integrated together and working nicely. It’s always great to see things coming together as they were intended; it doesn’t always work out that way, but oh man, when it does… :)

Here’s what we’ve all been up to-


  • Started design and modelling for a new area within the Arcadia tower
  • Laid out some new floor plans for the residential tower, for even greater interconnected-ness while exploring Eden
  • Animated a new pose for blocking with the shield


  • Decorated office with Christmas-y joy
  • Created concept art for some new storage containers, like safes. medical crates, and more
  • Improved a bunch of UI materials to enhance legibility
  • Created several new icons for various interactions with the environment


  • Enhance the character controller/IK system to remove microstuttering, improve smoothness, and overall tighten it up
  • Added new contextual reticle functionality for when aiming at enemies from a distance
  • Tons of melee combat tweaks, making enemy attacks feel much better, and giving the player a chance to stagger enemies when hit
  • Updated menus with various material and positioning upgrade to enhance legibility


  • Finished models for large and small power cells
  • Continued modelling and texturing the power generator building item


  • Created radial menu system for use with various types of interaction with the environment
  • Integrated radial menus with multiple types of interactions, such as items, containers, and NPCs
  • Finished connecting back-end values with in-game UI for the power system props


  • Finished modelling and texturing modular environment pieces for constructing endless varieties of maintenance corridors
  • Began importing and formatting modular maintenance chunks into Unity

About the Author

Adam Adam is the Studio Director and Level Designer at NVYVE Studios.