November 13, 2015 Ian McCabe

Dev Blog 18 – Extra Life.

Hello once again everyone!

Before I get to the update, I thought I would take a moment to talk about an awesome event/cause we participated in this year called Extra Life.

For those of you don’t know much about it, Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s a great cause and is always a lot of fun, so I highly recommend it if you’re interested in participating next year!

This year NVYVE had a host of games available including: Halo, Artemis, Super Smash Bros, Magic: The Gathering, and numerous Board/Card games. More importantly though, we were able to reach our funding goal this year and do our part to support such a great cause! If you’d like to learn more about the event, check it out over at


Alright, now lets move onto the weekly update.

This week the team has made some really great progress as we flesh out more areas and program more systems. Take a look below to see what everyone’s been working on.


  • Made new punch animations for that player that are significantly improved!
  • Modelled several new floors of the residential tower.
  • Designed and modelled numerous passageways connecting different areas within Eden.


  • Made design documents for sounds within the game including; ambient, dialogue, weapons effects, interactive items, etc.
  • Designed the menu for the universal wall controls and tweaked final materials.
  • Created all the new elevator menus and designed their functionality.


  • Did a ton of work fixing, updating, and overall perfecting the player punching.
  • Restructured independent limb use for the left and right hands.
  • Fixed all known bugs in the player IK.


  • Did some excellent work on …more secret things. Nice try though! It’s looking pretty cool!
  • Modelled and textured new generators and power cells for use within the game.


  • Created “power source” scripts which can store / transfer power and charge / drain over time.
  • Connected new power stations (interactive props) to the power system so that power can be controlled within the game.
  • Implemented GUI interaction for the power stations.
  • Fixed some vision detection issues to make detecting objects more responsive.


  • Created new charge/storage bays for seekers.
  • Continued modelling and texturing  maintenance sets and props.

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